Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Leader's Dream

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I have this dream. Before I enter the military, if only 13 of us would be able to perform together once…
I had that dream.
I know this may sound so selfish considering that it should be Heenim who I should pay attention to but remembering the leader, I can’t help but hurt whenever I realize that this dream which he has been or had been dreaming for, may no longer come true.
When he said this on Radio Star, I know he was serious. I know that his words back then meant something real. I know that that was what he wanted. Because as a leader, there is nothing better than seeing the group – he has taken care of so well and dedicated his whole life to – become one again..
Even for once.
The greatest burden is on Jungsu. Just like during Kangin’s enlistment last year, it is he who should stay the strongest. Because everybody else might just be depending on him for emotional strength.
It’s a difficult phase we’re in right now. And my heart hurts for anyone who’s leaving.
But you know, it hurts more to know that disappointment may come with all these goodbyes. And especially if it’s with Jungsu, I don’t think I can ever handle it well.
If only Jungsu can enlist last… This dream would then still be possible.

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