Monday, September 26, 2011

Joy that is Enough to Last for Two Years :)

I think I swore I won't wait for you, but with this recent interview/special goodbye you had released in KATC blog, I think I'm changing my mind.

Kim Heechul, you make no one miss you. You always make sure that your presence is felt, and you assure the people who love you that you are enjoying every bit of what you have chosen to do.

That is the Kim Heechul that I love, and I am just so happy to start my week knowing that you are perfectly fine in the training camp.
Your words are really something. I woke up in gloom because it's raining in my place but you have managed to brighten my day, and I think the fun you've imparted with me will last for the whole week... and for the whole two years you'll be away.

I'm glad I was wrong with the thought that the world you've gone to might not be too good to you. I hope your superiors and fellow recruits will get to read this someday, and I just want them to know how grateful I am that they are taking care of you so well. :)

우주대스타 김희철... 사랑한다!

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  1. Heenim is so adorable with all the Sohee photos from fans :)


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