Friday, September 9, 2011

Accepting the Truth

I know for a fact that sooner or later, Super Junior will come to an end. I know I always say that I believe in them and I promise to do so forever, but that does not stop the inevitable end from happening. The members have their own lives to lead, own paths to take – and it cannot be possible that we will be together for the rest of our lives.
But there is one thing which will keep all things alive even after years – the memories that serve as proofs that once in our lifetime, we walked paths together with 15 great individuals.
That is why we have to focus on the present. I am telling this myself continuously – because I always tend to be the first one to see beyond today. It’s quite difficult, but with a little practice and effort, we will all be able to handle it well.
What could happen is scary. I, personally, cannot picture myself living a life without these boys. I’ve gotten so used to smiling for/with/because of them for the past 4 years of my life. But as I’ve said, there are memories to rely on.
So what do we do? I suggest that we all unite. Enough of the sarcasm against everyone. Together, let’s start making memories in the best way possible. Let’s meet halfway. Let the newbies learn from the seniors. Let the seniors guide the newbies. Forget competition. Forget wars.
We should all accept that whether we like it or not, Super Junior will disband. So please, let us just come together and cherish what we have left. Appreciate the boys more, and appreciate each other.
So that when the time comes that we take separate ways, we could still find reasons to re-unite and stand proud as the people who created the Sapphire Blue World much more magical and perfect than it is. Then that way, we could face the boys with so much pride and joy that we managed to hold on through the memories they have left us with.

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