Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sir Miggy,
This really doesn’t matter, but this is an opinion I wish to express:
Music is still about music. It’s just one’s perception that makes it no longer what it should be. KPOP is music. So as rock. Kanya-kanyang trip. OPM lives on while KPOP exists. I wonder why yung ibang mga OPM artists pa mismo ang pumapatay non. KPOP isn’t a threat to local music, unless one thinks so. And coming from a KPOP fan who loves OPM rock, KPOP isn’t just about handsome and sexy singers/dancers. It’s much, much more than that. And I know that OPM isn’t just about noise, as how others think it is. It is much, much more than that.
Loving KPOP does not mean turning back against OPM. And sorry for this, sir, but just because some of them don’t listen to your songs means they don’t support their own na. It’s a matter of interest. Pero sa mga katulad kong fan niyo din, nakakadisappoint na na-generalize kami. Of course, you wouldn’t admit that you did generalize. But if you put yourself in the shoes of a KPOP fan, you will notice the heavy sarcasm your words have.
Yeah, sarcasm. It’s the sarcasm of your tweets which angered many. We respect your opinions, why not. Many might just be acting violently, but most still respect your opinions. How many times have you been like this towards KPOP na ba, diba? But only this one that you managed to make everyone erupt. And you ask why your opinions are always thought to be disrespectful?
Sir, it’s a matter of interest. If we like KPOP, so be it. In the first place, OPM will still be our resting place. And also sir, mind you… Just because they’re speaking in Korean means we can’t understand them. What you will never know about KPOP is that the artists and the fans – even though they do not fully understand each other at once – exert effort to communicate. Basic proof? We try hard to learn Korean (and that’s why we have translators.) and in return, they learn English. In some cases, they even tried learning Tagalog. Please, don’t try to question our intelligence.
Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganyan kalaki ang galit mo sa KPOP. But I believe you’re not the only one. Many ‘rakistas’ (wherein majority are actually posers!) have the same opinion. I hope you pay attention to what Sir Chito had said…
And once again sir, wag niyo naman ikumpara ang buong KPOP sa POGI-ROCK.Nakakahiya din po kasi parang kinumpara niyo ang KPOP sa sarili niyo. :(  (Of course, you wouldn’t admit that you were once a part of it. You were once on mainstream, sir. I hope you would look back at it.) 
Music is made to bridge the gaps among people. And music makers have no right – in any way – to use it (or their status as music makers) to generate hate.

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