Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Truth about Heenim’s Enlistment

One month. It will only be one month that Heenim will not be visible. And then the rest of the 2 years waiting will be easy since he’s gonna live like a normal Korean after his daily shift. Though he won’t be active, entertainment-wise, we will most likely be able to hear about him from his friends.
It’s that simple.
But you know where all these difficulties are coming from?
It’s because Heenim has actually opened the bigger portal to the fact that one by one, the Super Junior members will set off to their individual destinies soon. It’s the start of the inevitable truth happening and that is what is difficult to accept.
It’s what, I think, many refuse to see.
The total absence for two years is actually bearable. I, personally, is just very much fearing for what lies beyond. It’s like the wound that healed after Kangin’s enlistment was opened again, and it will take longer time to heal this time.. Because after Heenim, we do not have enough time to be fine before someone leaves again.
That’s the scenario we’re in right now, and that’s why it hurts so much.

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