Friday, September 9, 2011

Toppled History on SJ’s 11th Win

So it’s the fifth time in a row that Super Junior won in Music Bank, and it’s the 11th win if we include the other programs.
What does this mean?


I can’t help but be so proud that Super Junior has created history. I’ve been a fan of KPOP for so long, but this is the first time that I heard of a group winning 6 times in a row for a single song. Maybe, my knowledge is limited. But if ever my suspicion is not true, I would still be proud because for a single to stay on the top for 5 straight weeks is already something.
I’m all smiles while writing. Suddenly, all the stress given by work during this whole day were eased away. It was the greatest reliever. Because knowing that we got the 11th win, I can say that we have a big chance in fulfilling Hyukjae’s dream of having 15 wins for Mr. Simple.
This is probably annoying already for non-fans. But this is something which proves that despite the constant criticisms and assumptions that SJ is no longer doing well because of members leaving, they are still one of the greatest stars in South Korea – and obviously – in the whole world.
Jungsu must have been possessed by some magical spirit when he told Donghae before that time will come that whatever they do will be a part of history. Because now, they’re living in this predicted reality.
Congratulations, boys! ♥ Much love~!!!!

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