Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not for Me.

I was told by a friend to watch this video. Actually, I have always wanted to do so. However, my stupid mind who keeps on forgetting things and my randomness didn’t let me.
Gladly, I suddenly felt the urge to see more of Hangeng. So I gave this a try. (Or more exactly, I gave myself a chance to fall more in love.)
Their acting is great. Really. Well, I know that Siwon is an actor by heart. I’ve known him since Spring Waltz days. I just didn’t give much attention to him because I was just so focused with Seo Do Young. And yeah, it was a regret. Should I noticed Siwon first, I could have been a fan of Super Junior earlier.
Anyway, as I was saying, their acting was great. Though the story is tragic, it was really convincing. It was really touching. Siwon had played his role so well. I can sense the emotions.
And as with Hangeng, I am really speechless. I’m trying to find words in my vocabulary to really express how I’m feeling towards his acting. Like with Siwon, I can feel the emotions he’s trying to show. I’m really into it. And I wish I could hear his calm and soothing voice that goes with it.
Here in the Philippines, we’re quite used to concepts of love triangles in music videos, though it is quite often that we see tragic endings. I know some music videos which is in line with this one. Judging basically according to the trend here in the country, I am assured that some filmmakers would say that this video is no less than ordinary. No bashing please. I am just telling the truth. That would definitely be their impression.


Maybe it’s because I’m an ELF. Maybe it’s because I’ve known these guys more than how other media practitioners do. Maybe because seeing them like this is new to me.
But I knew, and I believe, it’s because they’re really good. They are both loved by cameras. They both can convey messages just through their actions. Their eyes can speak a million emotions. They can make us understand the song.
I’m sorry for being too biased. I just can’t get over Siwon on 3:55 and Hangeng when he smiles as he ‘dies’.

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