Thursday, December 31, 2009

Super Junior vs Edward Cullen: The Battle Continues

credits as tagged (and I swear, I got this from soompi. ^^)
Two nights ago, I dreamed of Super Junior… We were in a field of grass, all tensed and with the wind blowing cold on us. We were getting ready for a fight - a serious fight with newborn vampires. Shindong was there, Hankyung was there, Eunhyuk too. I know there were others though I wasn’t able to recognize them all.
Knowing what dreaming of a vampire means, I can’t help but freak out when I woke up. But then something relieving and relaxing came to me afterwards. *giggle*
The boys were wearing their pajamas on my dream.
So here’s the story. We were on a field where grass is of our knees. We were all tensed. Shindong had a long stick – like the one Sungmin used in his martial arts. He suddenly jumped and hit the air. It’s as if he was practicing.
I thought to myself – this is something serious. It felt so real. Then someone in pajamas told me that we were off to fight the newborn vampires. I was fear-stricken.God knows how coward I am to creatures like that.
Then Hankyung shouted that we have to go, so we went off. We got to the streets and saw a village’s gate. No one was there, so I, together with two friends, continued walking. I did because I thought the boys are following.
The three of us saw a group of youth carrying an unconscious girl – in real life, she was a classmate from highschool, and I have no idea why she appeared in my dream. Everybody’s in a rush and panicking. My thoughts told me that the girl was bitten and that the newborn vampires are coming.
So we ran.
But the vampires were there already. I saw a group of kids – who in real life are members of our church organization - feeling the thirst. The funny thing was they didn’t look like vampires. They were even wearing our organization’s uniform. haha!
And so, instincts told us to run away. But they are blocking our way… I was looking for help. Then I saw Hankyung… But you know what they did?
They ran away too… from us.
Then I woke up.
I instantly looked for my phone to type in keywords which could help me remember all the details. I was eager to relate the story to you. Because I am hoping to draw conclusions on why I’ve dreamed of that.
*Sigh* I guess, too much addiction to Eclipse brought me this. Newborn vampires, field that seemed like a meadow. Whatever. Good thing Super Junior was there. Somehow, it eases the fear the dream left me.
And good thing they were wearing pajamas. I couldn’t help but smile now remembering how they looked like there. haha! :)) Maybe I should watch Adonis Camp again. I’ve been missing it already. ^^
Just one thought… Maybe the war waged between Teukkie and Edward Cullen in my mind worsen, that it even got Super Junior on it… Do you think I should better go write a fanfic about it? hahaha!
EDIT: Now, here’s funny. I just remembered this: When Shindong was practicing, Sungmin was doing his martial arts thing too. Then when he stood on one foot like how he did on Full House, he started to fall – with his body straight.haha! That was cute. ^^ Very Sungminnie. And Teukkie was there – the sexiest vampire hunter I’ve ever seen. (Because technically, Edward IS a vampire.) And another thing, Geng was wearing his Super Show shirt, not the pajama. ^^

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