Sunday, December 27, 2009

13elieve on the Power of 13.


~taylorswift13, Twitter
There are many fakers on Twitter. I was one of their victims when I followed Super Junior boys. Yes, everyone. Super Junior’s Twitter accounts aren’t real. Even OfficialSuper’s. How I proved it was another story. But I have a feeling that they’re Vietnamese or Thai.
And Taylor Swift, uh, I believe she’s real. Yeah. No doubts. She’s been talking to the REAL Hayley Williams, you know. And there’s no way I’m gonna doubt Hayley’s tweets.
So what am I saying? Hahaha! I don’t know either!
But the thing that runs through my mind at the very moment is FATE. Or Destiny. Or whatever you want to call it. Read and understand Taylor’s tweet and it explains everything.
I know, I know. Taylor has nothing to do with Super Junior. We don’t even know if she knows about them. However, it is just so cute how destiny plays its part on our lives and on this issue.


I’ve interpreted it as


I’ve gone random, but I know you understand. Now, let me make it seriously clear.
When I read this tweet, I realized that this is fate. On the darkest times of our lives, someone from the West who has no connection to Super Junior has been used by destiny to remind me, at least as I interpreted it, that it will always be 13 that this world will see.
I looked at it in the most positive way I can. 13 everywhere. It’s like fate’s telling me that I need not to worry. Because 13 will always be 13. And even it becomes 31, it’s still 13 in reverse, and Taylor’s right. IT TOTALLY COUNTS.
Hang on, ELFs.  We’re almost there. ^^
Always 13elieve :)

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