Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cyworld: Sungmin 2009.12.17

2009.12.17 목 02:39
In the [ ソンミンは。] folder
I, really… Who keeps opening the guest book*…ㅎㅎㅎ
Tsk… Are you just that free..ㅎㅎ
* Presumably the guest book of his CY World.
credits: Sungmin’s Cyworld
trans by: yurim_sj♥ @
Sungmin’s Cyworld seemed hacked. I wonder who dared to do so. haha. Here are other details as explained by the translator:
/Edit: Sungmin has since deleted this diary entry.
/Edit 2: The guest book is where visitors leave a message, but when I visited Sungmin’s CY in the afternoon, there were a few (from what little I could understand) unfriendly messages left by a person who called himself/herself a name that is insulting to Sungmin. He/she also wrote in plain speech and doing so is extremely rude unless you are very close to the party you are addressing.
I read somewhere about there possibly being hacking, but since the guest book has now been closed and this entry has been deleted, I have no ways of finding out what truly happened. It seems like everything is under control now, though.
/Edit 3: Only his profile and photo entries are accessible now. His diary entries, gallery and the other components of his CY have been hidden.
Insults? OMG. I wonder why there are people stupid enough to intrude Super Junior’s privacy. I mean, sure thing, they’re antis. And I wonder why they exist.
I’m sleepy. I haven’t slept well since yesterday yet. So I’m gonna tell my opinions about this tomorrow. ^^~~

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