Monday, December 7, 2009

How I Came To Witness A Miracle?

Lots of people would always go around saying ‘I WANT TO WITNESS A MIRACLE’. They make theirselves pre-occupied of how can they find one. Never knowing that each day of their lives, they get to see one miracle or two.
They just don’t know how to look at it.
People, here is one truth they have long been denouncing:THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT MIRACLES ARE.
You can’t see what you don’t know. I don’t argue with it. But as The Little Prince said, ‘Only the heart can see rightly – what is essential is invisible to the eye.’


The most beautiful things happen unexpectedly. And even the sharpest eyes can’t see it coming. It is by pure surprise that we get awed by how things turn out.
What we really don’t know is that we witness magic every once in a while. We get fooled by mere imaginations of what is beautiful and what is perfect, of what is magical and what is miraculous. Poor us. It’s pretty much like determining which is a mudfish and which is a catfish – the clue is there, yet we can’t still see.
Because we’re too busy looking for something better. Because we already have a definition of what MIRACLE is, and whatever that does not go in accordance to how we’re thinking is rejected. Eternally rejected.
I didn’t see it coming – all these fangirling stuffs,laying-my-life-on-the-line-for-them attitude. I never saw myself being indulged with people whose language I can barely understand. Well, I know it sounded absurd since I’ve got a choice to not to. Yet, I’ve settled on a YES.


Of course, this is to where we’re leading to. ^_^
It has been like three months before I realized the reason why I committed to loving the boys. You know it’s their smiles,it’s how they comfort me unknowingly, it’s how they become themselves and yet become instruments of my personal improvements…
There’s one more thing, dearies.
Because I can never say no to a miracle: my personal magic, my true blessings.
I’ve chosen to make them a part of me because they were able to prove to me that miracles exist. They came unexpectedly, without anybody noticing. Then all of a sudden, I was changed.
Of course, I can always turn against my own decision.can always forget this commitment and pretend thatSuper Junior does not exists. But I am too weak. I depend on them for happiness and I can’t stand without it. Yeah, too much drama but it is the only thing I know of.
I can never make everyone understand what’s happening. I cannot explain to anybody what I myself can’t comprehend. Magic are supposed to be secrets. Miracles are supposed to stay that way.
I was too busy finding a miracle that I almost didn’t notice that everytime I do something that concerns Super Junior, I am witnessing one. 
Jungsoo, HeechulHankyungYesungKangin, ShindongSungminEunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae,RyeowookKibum and Kyuhyun - they aren’t just the ordinary Korean artists for me. They don’t just come and pass by my life the way others did.
Because they are my personal miracles – the trick behind my every magic, the truth behind my lies.
They are the souls who continuously keeps me breathing. LITERALLY. Should you be in my position, there is no way you’re not gonna understand what I’m talking about.
Everyone, I don’t expect you to love Super Juniorwith all your hearts. It is a choice I leave to you. This post does not intend to promote the group to others who have been thinking of them as mere ‘boyband’.
This article is intended to convince you that indeed,miracles happen daily. If you only give yourself a chance to take delight on the simplest things this world can offer to you, you’ll get overwhelmed with the number of magic and miracles you’ll get to witness each day of your lives.
Be not afraid to look around you. Your personal miracles might just be under your nose, waiting to be recognized, waiting to be looked at.
People, I want you all to enjoy the life you have. If your parents don’t allow you to go anywhere, then find something nice about home. If you got dumped by your partner, then go look for someone better. If you think you’ve got nothing, look around to see that you’ve got everything you need.
I want you all to experience the feeling of contentment. I want you all to see your personal miracles.
Everything’s magical. Everything’s miraculous. Things are easy.


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