Saturday, December 5, 2009

From Crazy to Sexy Super Junior

credits: ki4un @ youtube

You are about to watch the craziest and the happiest performance of Super Junior so far. If it wouldn’t make it on your TOP-SUPER-JUNIOR-VIDEOS-LIST, don’t call yourself a fan. ^_^
I’m jotting down the scenes that appealed much to me, but rather than laugh at their being dorks and being cute, I was more taken aback by how sexy they were in this performance.
This is the first time that I considered Eunhyuk as the sexiest member. Really. Wearing a black sando without his vest on, I really can’t stop my eyes from finding him all throughout the performance. Truly, as black contrasts with milky white, it is sexy. ^_^
Then, Siwon… Oh, we all know that he is sexy. There’s no question. But what makes him sexier in my eyes is the fact that even though on one part of this video, he tripped off the stairs and went off the stage because maybe, he was dizzy; he came back like nothing happened and still delivered the best of his performance to the crowd.
When I noticed Yesung’s sexiness, it was on a Sorry, Sorry performance in Music Bank. I’ve forgotten about that and I got myself reminded of it when I saw him here. How he stands, how he dances, and how he smiles melts me, really.
Now, who else is sexy? Sungmin. I can’t tell why but his being soooo cute and soooo funny and sooo innocent just killed me – especially the part when he just sat at one corner, stared at Shindong and then laugh like a kid. I had to play that split seconds over and over again just to get over him. :)
And of course, how can I ever forget my angel… On the fifth time I watched this performance, it is only him that I’m looking at. Seriously. It feels really, really great to see Teukkie perform happily… and sexily.
I am quite indifferent with Wookie here, until he stared at the camera, did the peace sign and fully smiled while singing. I was like: ‘HOW HE CAN HE BE THIS GORGEOUS?’. Hahaha! :)
Lastly, Shindong. Let’s admit it, his body’s different from the others. So physically, he’s not sexy but his funny moves make him one. His laughter is unique. His love for fun is contagious. So yeah, he is sexy.
Kyuhyun, Kangin, Donghae, Heechul and Hankyung were there too… THEY WERE SEXY. And we all know that. They contributed to the fun, they contributed to the bliss I’m currently feeling now. They relieved my stress. They awaken me. ^_^
Yeah, I thought I’m about to see the craziest performance of Super Junior so far. Well, yes I did. But apparently, I saw the sexiest too… And I’m currently browsing for something more… ^^

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