Friday, December 11, 2009

Something About Mimi…

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One confession: Among the Super Junior family, it is Zhoumi who I liked the least. Maybe, it’s because of the fact that I knew him last. And I honestly don’t like it when my friends would tell me that he looks like Teukkie.
I’ve always seen Zhoumi as someone ordinary compared to the others – especially to the Korean members. Well, yeah, his fashion sense in great but to me, it doesn’t make it differences.
Oh… I should’ve used DIDN’T.
Because as any story of mine goes, I’ve gone through a change of heart. Thanks to these pictures that I realized what I’ve done…
When I saw Zhoumi in spectacles, I knew I was wrong for thinking that he’s ordinary. Now I’m lecturing myself. Like Henry, Zhoumi deserves a place in the Super Junior family. His smiles gave him that opportunity. His physical appearance earned him the title ‘Fashion Prince’ for me.
Oh my… Thanks to his specs that I saw what I’ve always been missing to see.
I failed to pay attention to Zhoumi’s talent because I was so focused on the thought that I may dislike him just because my friends say he looks like Teukkie. I know, I know… This is childish and absurd.
Atleast, now I’m enlightened. Sorry, Zhoumi… Really…
And oh, you have a piece of my heart now…

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