Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009: Super Junior’s Year

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I knew it. All the wait was worth it. The lagging suddenly became tolerable… When I saw Super Junior on stage, all the annoyance faded away.
The pictures above are red carpet shots. Teukkie, Eunhyuk and Shindong came late but just right for accepting the award…
Yes, dear ELFs… Super Junior won a Golden Disk Award.
The guys won the 2009 Dong Ban Sang Award. According to my sources, it is equivalent to the Best Album award – an award that Super Junior deserves.
They worked hard. They went through a lot on 2009. But they emerged victorious. Their albums did great. Their videos too. Honestly, Sorry Sorry was released just this year but it seemed to me like it was out for several years now. The number of awards and recognition for this album is overwhelming.
Due to a hungry stomach, I can’t think straight. But I am happy that even though Kangin and Kibum can’t make it there, the truth remains that they belong to Super Junior, and Super Junior will always be the best.
And oh, as soon as I get a link for their Sorry, Sorry performance, I’ll post it here. There’s so much to say about that AWESOME, GREAT, SPECIAL, PERFECT performance. ^_^


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