Friday, December 11, 2009

So Hot That My Insides Burn...

Super Junior. /syupeo-juniyeo/. n. a South Korean idol group composed of thirteen males who individually defines SEXYHOTPERFECT and MANLY.
Okay, okay… So I made up the definition above. No official references, but definitely a fact. Sexy, hot, perfect and manly – this is Super Junior for me. And if you have anything in mind that would describe them superlatively, please feel free to add comments.
If this goes random, you better understand… Writing with all your insides burnt and with your brain off to dreamland when you’re awake, it’s not easy to think of what to say straightly.
Hands down. I can’t think right. Sorry.
But I can say things.
Jungsoo, he never fails to surprise me. At 3:57, I died. And until now, I keep on remembering that short one second stare. He is more than sexy to me. He is eternally perfect. The last time I thought like this of him was when I saw Haengbok. He was perfectly cute there. But here, he’s perfectly perfect.
Eunhyuk… For the second time, I drooled over him. hahaha. How can this man become so sexy when he dances? And how can he be indefinitely beautiful with eyeliners? With smooth moves, he killed me. ^_^
Donghae… Stares, stares!!! He definitely knows how to tease!!! His rap with Hyukjae was awesome. It was memorable… It was everything. And I can’t get over the magic of his voice.
Wookie. No. RYEOWOOK. He doesn’t seem like the eternal magnae. Admit it. You drooled over him too. :) Okay, so I know he can sing very, very well… But here, there’s something different. OMG. I just can’t figure out what it is…
HankyungSiwonHeechulShindong, Sungmin and Yesung… I can’t think of anything more… I just want all of you guys NOW.
And how can I forget? The magnae… KYUHYUN. He’s the greatest headturner on this. The way he sits invites me to sit beside him (only if I can), the way he sings melts my heart, and the way he stares makes me feel like surrendering everything I have to this one person.
But I would give up everything to lay on that couch with Teukkie.
Indeed, 2009 is their year. Sorry, Sorry was a huge hit. I’ve said that already and we all know that. What else can I say? I really can’t get over the video.
Indeed, if Edward Cullen is real, he should be up to some competition with these boys’ perfection.


Kibum, though… :’(
Sorry baby, sorry baby… nomu nomu saranghaesso.. mianhe, jeongmal mianhe…

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