Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Could Not Ask For More

The 1st Melon Music Awards isn’t a very good one for the whole Sapphire Blue planet… With Super Junior winning only one award (and SNSD garnering the total of 6! ^^), it is safe to say for any ELF tonight that it was something to be sad about.
Nevertheless, a reason existed for this night to be called wonderful – DG Band.
For those who don’t know, DG Band is a project band formed to perform as an opening act in the 1st Melon Music Awards. It is basically composed by naturally-born-music-geniuses in South Korea (Sorry for the bias. I just can’t find any better words to describe them all). Trax’s Jungmo, 2PM’s Nickkhun, Juni, Outsider are there. And what made it better is the fact that our very own Sungmin and Eunhyuk were there.
Well, Hyukjae first.
He’s sexy, he’s hot, he’s talented. When he went out to the stage, I was astounded to see the sexiest man at the moment for me. Fashion really takes sides and it had chosen Eunhyuk. And of course, the talent. I wonder why his rapping really makes me drool. It’s really, really, really SEXY.
Then Sungmin…
*inhales deeply* HOW CAN I EVER DEFINE MINNIE’S VERSATILITY? Omo. Put him in Super Junior, he’s perfect. Put him in classics, he goes along well with it. Put him in acting, you won’t regret. Put him in a band and he’s gonna be perfect.
If DG Band is Oppa Band’s replacement, then I could not ask for more.

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