Friday, December 25, 2009

This is NOT the Way Things Should Be.

Seeing geng this way is complete torture. Not so good for a Christmas gift. I can’t help but cry over this. Indeed, only fans can capture the truth. And this is the truth, guys. This is what we don’t see.
Last night, these images were shared to me by yurigoodoo from It was really heartbreaking. And I agree with her, I can’t imagine Hangeng in a hospital, but here are the proofs. I don’t think there’s anyone good and stupid enough to fake these.
Hangeng is not Superman after all. He’s also vulnerable. He’s hurting. And with the images stuck in my mind like these, I can’t help but really get worried.
Then I realized that it’s better for Hangeng to stand up against SM Entertainment. Though it means that we’re not gonna see him with Super Junior for a while, I knew that it would be easier to endure than to see him in the situation as he is in the pictures.
It will never be easy of course. But as I’ve said, his health is the first priority here. Besides, he can never perform his best for us if he won’t feel better.
I pray that this will be the last time that I’ll get to see Hangeng like this. I’ve had too much of this situation with the angel and I pray that this does not happen to others.
ELFs, just 13elieve. Things are gonna be okay.

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