Friday, December 18, 2009

credits: DomeldApollo @ youtube

When will I get used to it? Why does seeing Super Junior members especially Teukkie and Eunhyuk cry makes me cry too? When will this empathy end? Or will it ever end?
But I’m not complaining. I would love to cry all my life if doing so means sharing their burdens.
But it’s not actually the point here. After all, they cried because they’re happy. Too overwhelming on their part that they have to shed tears in reaction.
So this is the first time that I’m gonna set the boys aside for something to talk about – ELFs. Yeah, I’ll be talking about myself and all of my kind. I just hope it makes sense because I’m really sleepy already.
Next to their families, I am certain the ELFs are the most important people in the lives of the Super Junior members. Without us, Super Junior could have only been a dream, an imagination, a mere idea of what is beautiful and what is perfect. Same thing goes with how the guys are to us, ELFs.
Indeed, Super Junior and ELFs are co-existing in a Sapphire Blue world that is only their own.
This video… It showed a lot of love from Super Junior to us. They keep on saying they love us. And yeah, it’s needless to say that we love them too. I love them so much.
I love them so much that seeing them in tears brings me in for some crying time too. I love them so much that just by looking in at their eyes on my computer screen, I see different things that only some could identify. I love them so much that it hurts when I realize that I can never get anywhere close to them. I love them so much… So much that I couldn’t wait for three more weeks come 2010.
Because after three weeks, hopefully, I’ll be seeing them whole again. Kangin and Kibum might be coming back. And I pray, yes, I pray.
And if that happens, I know, I’ll be sharing tears with the members again.
And that day, I swear I wouldn’t go random.

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