Friday, December 4, 2009

Unexpectedly Fierce

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I have seen these pictures for so many times already but I don’t think I’ll get used to seeing Sungmin as fierce as he is the photos above anytime soon.
I have said for so many times already that Sungmin is the cutest among the group. And yeah, though Donghae is my kid, Minnie is my baby. ^_^
Many people tell me that sometimes, the most harmless person could be the most dangerous one. Think about it and notice Sungmin’s eyes on the pictures. Fierce. Dangerous.Very different.
Then I realized that indeed, it is not all the time that a person is good. It is not all the time that a person is nice. There will still be one point in his life that he will be someone different.
This is the part of my life which I can say is similar to Sungmin. I remember a scene of Sungmin with a girl being bullied. He became really, really defensive of her that he even shouted at the others. Yeah. It was cool.
But more than that, it was awesome. Considering the fact that it was Sungmin.
His stares are melting me. His stares are hot. I’m really getting into his transformation. I would wish to see more of it but I would prefer not… And you know why. ^_^

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