Friday, December 11, 2009

Wookie’s the Culprit

Recently, Eunhyuk has written on his CY that he has lost his anchovy hat during the end of the SS II concert in Bangkok. he want to take it back (but as he wrote on cyworld the new one was created). Now on thai webboard(siam zone) found the evidence that why it was lost.
Let’s look at 5.21 minutes of this fancam to find out what happened at the end of concert.
Did you get it? So…let’s see all these pictures.
I’m not the owner of all these pictures. I’ve just reposted them and add more English descriptions.
He still did not see it.
Shindong take anchovy back .
Finally, although Shindong took the anchovy and even put it on his head, Eunhyuk who is the owner of this anchovy still did not care for it. – -
A few minutes later, the anchovy was disappeared from the stage again.
Why the anchovy lost? Who’s that? …… The person who took away his anchovy is our eternal magnae, “Wookie”!!!
Source: Super Junior soompi thread. Here.
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Take from : ‘SHALL,WE.WINE’ , “83Line”_Loveๆ>< @ siamzone
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This drove me laughing when I read this. I was able to post it on ICEPLUSCOFFEE’s site but not here, so I’m taking this chance to do so. ^_^
I need not explain what happened here. I know Hyukjae’s sad for losing the anchovy hat. And that he wants it back. As far as I remember, he even said that whoever took it should give it back to him.
Now we know what happened, and I can’t stop from laughing when I knew who the culprit is. ^_____^
Wookie’s innocence will be leading him to a funny trouble with Hyukjae. ^_^
And in addition to this, I read from that a fan witnessed what happened to the anchovy hat, after the show. She said it was returned to the stage and then, when Super Show ended, a production assistant went to the stage and picked up the gifts for the members. The anchovy hat was there too, and it was put in a plastic bag. ^_^
Now, what got me is the honesty of the fans who managed to catch Hyukjae’s anchovy when Wookie threw it. Honesty. Woah. I wish I would be able to do that too. I mean, a close and special remembrance as that, how can I ever give it back? haha. :)
Oh anyway, I hope this made you smile. :)

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