Friday, December 11, 2009

And Angel is My Name…

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I just thought that I have the responsibility to share these pictures here. Considering that this blog is PRIMARILY dedicated to Park Jungsoo… MY Park Jungsoo.

How many times do I have to repeat this? Well, I know you’re getting fed up… But I can’t tell how many times do I have to say that Jungsoo is a perfect kind of angel who descended from heaven to become the eternal leader of Super Junior? How many times do I have to express my intense love and admiration for this one person who has brought a major change to my life, unknowingly?
Tell me, how long will it take for me to get myself convinced that Jungsoo is just human!
You see, I have always been fascinated with angels. Since I’m a Catholic, I believe in them. And as books would always say, they are perfect. I’ve always wanted to see one. I’ve always wanted to be beside one. Because angels are my constant reminders that I would never be alone…
I grew up with the dream of seeing an angel.
And Jungsoo is my answered prayer.
In him, I have proven myself that angels exist. And books were right, angels are perfect. They came from heaven to give me back the joy and security I’ve long lost felt. Jungsoo is my proof. He is my angel.
He constantly reminds me that I am never deserted. His smiles tell me that there are, and there will always be, reasons to smile amidst all the pain and hardships this world gives. The way he stares makes me feel like I’m always safe.
He gives me reasons to exist. He gives me reasons to live.
I know it’s too absurd to wish that we meet each other. I know it’s the most impossible thing. So I wouldn’t hope that much. There are million of other ELFs in this world… My chance of getting close to him is smaller than dirt. But I won’t complain. After all, he has already done so much for me.
But just the possibility of him, reading this blog contents me. And if the time comes that he comes across this site, I just want him to know that he is the most special gift I’ve ever received. And because of him, I am entirely grateful that Angel is my name.
I love you, Jungsoo. Eternally.

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