Saturday, December 12, 2009

Because He’s Cho Kyu Hyun…

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Okay, so as anyone of you noticed *it’s okay if no one does*, I did some reordering with the photos. I put the GIF image first, then the epic here-comes-my-smile-so-be-ready image. Uh, no special reason.. I just thought it would be better to die and live again.
I wonder where his charisma’s coming from. Why wouldn’t it end? Why wouldn’t it allow me to stop from wanting for more? Why would it get me addicted?
And why would I want to raise Teukkie on an Archangel’s position just so I could give way to this another angel?
Whew. Because he is Cho Kyuhyun.
It sounds ironic since I’ve tagged this person as the ‘Evil Magnae’. But in the pictures above is the face of an angel – a heavenly creature who came down to Earth to put a smile on my face and continuously remind me that I AM NEVER ALONE.
Everything in Kyuhyun is a must-love. I’ve said that already and I’ve already confessed my feelings. I love Cho Kyuhyun a little less than how I love Park Jungsoo. I’m in the process of thinking whether I’ll allow the leader and the magnae to share positions in my heart… (But of course, that’s one absurd thing to think about)
Because I keep on falling… And I’m liking it.

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