Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cyworld: Leeteuk 2009.12.07

2009.12.07 04:26
Title: ..Fool..
..I’m right here..
..Foolishly, I’m right here..
..If I’m here, would you come to me?..
..I’m suffering in pain all alone..
..I only need to stay here a little while, right?..
..I’ll wait..I’ll leave a space for you..
Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
Thanks ★_Excentrique for sharing
Translated by sunny day ♪
It was a sad post from the leader. I bet he’s having a hard time. I can feel that he’s hurting. Way too deep. What’s happening? I don’t know. His recent posts are giving me hints that he’s in love. But to whom? I don’t know. Whoever she is, she should know she’s lucky. She should understand how great it is to have Park Jungsoo as his man.
Oh, anyway, I was thinking… Why do we always have the same thoughts? I don’t assume but his most recent posts speak of how I am feeling too – towards, of course, someone else. It’s as if whatever I can’t say, he’s saying it for me.
Could there really be a connection between us?
I know, I know. This is too absurd. I’m daydreaming. It’s the only thing I’m best at.
This post meant a lot. It struck me unexpectedly. I thought I was already numb. After everything, I thought I was invincible. But here I am, still waiting for someone to come back to me. Yeah, I’m foolishly trying to win him back. Because maybe – just maybe – there would be a second chance for us.
Like Teukkie, I’ll wait. I’ll foolishly wait. Though I’m suffering alone. What can I do? I love him. I love him so much that being stupid won’t matter.
The leader and I are feeling the same. And considering that one simple assumption, I know I’ll get by with this pain.

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