Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Single Award Doesn’t Make Any Difference

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Just when we thought they’re on the top, the 1st Melon Music Awards had proven us that Super Junior has yet a long way to travel.
And what I’ve said is basically just a hoax.


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I know many are fussing over the issue of Super Junior winning JUST ONE AWARD last night. Considering that in the voting process, the boys are leading in the 2009 Artist category. (We’ve already expected DBSK to win 2009 Mania and 2009 Star, right?)
Yet we’ve only won once. Super Junior was declared one of the TOP ARTISTS OF 2009. Most of the awards went to SNSD. So basically, it is still people from SM Town who are considered the bests. It’s actually one reason to just let this issue pass by.
Now what am I trying to say? Simple. CALM DOWN.
Super Junior has taken over the Golden Disk Awards and all other awarding ceremonies in South Korea for this year. They’ve garnered a lot of recognitions throughout the whole of 2009. Those are actually enough to convince ourselves that Super Junior is the best.
I don’t know what’s got into me to say these things. I’ve been reading a lot of comments since last night saying that MMA was unfair. But to me, they did their job well.
I’m not rejoicing over Super Junior winning just a single recognition. But I’m just relieved that this time, no one can say that the award-giving body is biased towards SM or JYP or YG. I’m so much fed up with the issues of unfairness and discrimination. I’ve already got lots of it in my country so I don’t want to see it in South Korea too. Especially among the artists I love and look up to.
Here’s the truth for me: the 1st Melon Music Awards played a vital role in the pacification of fans in South Korea. Indeed, it is the strictest award-giving body in the entertainment sector of the country and it has just proven its credibility to me.
And look, there really is no BEST among artists. Because each group has fans who consider them as the number one in this whole wide world. You get to understand that if you just give yourself a chance to be understood. This paragraph actually explains my declaration above.
Super Junior won just one award (and if the Top10 wasn’t called in random, then I could say they were on the hook), but it’s okay with me. I won’t whine or rant over it. It doesn’t bother me anyway. Because receiving a single award on the time when I thought that they would get almost everything doesn’t make any difference.
Because for me, victorious or not, they are still my Super Junior, and they are still the best artists in this whole Sapphire Blue planet.

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