Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He’s Not Weird, Hyukjae. It’s Just That He’s A Kid.

091213 KTR Segment about Donghae
KTR mentioned something with Donghae. He’s a cute kid.
Donghae was in his dorm alone decorating the christmas tree~ It was said that the boys on the 11th storey wouldn’t do up the christmas tree so only the 12th storey has a christmas tree.
As Donghae likes these cute little things, he decorated the tree and even plugged in electricity.
But Hyukjae asked him why he’s doing this kind of stuffs and even called Donghae weirdo.
The thought of Donghae doing up the christmas tree alone is so cute~ How much effort and thought did he put in to pick those little decorations.
But because of Hyukjae, he became a weird person.
Hyukjae-ah~ Donghae is pure, not weird~~
Don’t think that those who make christmas trees are weird~

Source: Donghae’s Baidu
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
As we entered December, I began to wonder how will the boys spend their Christmases. I began to wonder: ‘what are they going to do on the 25th?’, ‘what are they up to?’, ‘with whom are they going to spend their Yuletide season?’. My mind is searching for some possible answers but as I remember their tight schedule , my what-are-they-going-to-do-on-Christmas questions are suddenly replaced with‘WILL THEY BE ABLE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS?’
Then I read the transcription above. Somehow, Donghae setting up a Christmas tree on their dorm makes me find the answer:
Yes, Super Junior will be spending Christmas.
And that would be the end of this topic.
Let’s jump to Donghae – decorating the tree.
When I was a kid, I would always take the responsibility of decorating our house for Christmas. As early as October, I would bring out the Christmas tree box and set up my masterpiece. It made me feel so happy to just hang the golden balls on the stems of the 5-inch tree and cover boxes with Christmas wrappers so there are gifts underneath.


And Donghae made me see myself in him. And really, I wanna go back to that little kid who bugs her mom to buy a taller Christmas tree and blue decorations. I want to go back to that little girl who would spend the whole day decorating the house with lanterns and lights, and then remove it the other day to have a reason to re-decorate.
Seriously, I want to do that again. Because it was a long time since I last did.
But good thing…
My kid from Mokpo reminded me of the true essence of Christmas. I don’t exactly know how but I felt like he taught me how to pause for a while and take time to enjoy the season. I’ve been led back to my childhood. I’ve been led back to the missing piece of my life.
If it wasn’t for Donghae, I would’ve been careless to not recognize that Christmas is just a few days away. If it wasn’t for Donghae, I would’ve been too stupid to just let my childhood memories be put to oblivion. If it wasn’t for Donghae, I wouldn’t understand what this year’s Christmas is.
So Hyukjae, he’s not weird. And stop bullying the kid. ^_^

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