Monday, December 21, 2009

You’re Not Going Anywhere, Hannie. NOWHERE.

No, Geng… You’re not going anywhere. Unless you take us all with you.
I’m going crazy. I’m doing a script and I have to submit it by 4 PM today. But it’s eleven minutes past four and I haven’t finished anything yet. Instead, here I am, writing an article, trying to compose myself, and praying and hoping that everything’s plainly rumors.
It was said that Hannie filed a termination request for his contract on SM Entertainment. As twELFs had said, it is not identified whether it is his full contract or just some parts of it that Hangeng would want to end. Well, I don’t want to believe that he wants to terminate the whole contract – because it is as good as saying he’s leaving Super Junior.
No. Never.
I’m yet to understand what’s happening. Everybody on Twitter is telling me and all other ELFs to calm down. But knowing what happened to DBSK, no, I cannot calm down. I wish I could. I’ve been trying hard to compose myself, as I’ve said. But it’s difficult. It’s sacrifice. It’s nearly impossible.
Because I’m too much pre-occupied with the possibility that I will lose Hannie. Comments from netizens are flaring me up too. News and updates are making my emotions more and more intense. What’s in that lawsuit? What’s with Hannie? What’s with this now, LEE SOO MAN?
I can’t help but shed tears. Hangeng was one of my first members to love. He has always been my example of how to cope up in a world that’s so different from my own. He taught me how to be proud of my race, just as how proud he is with China. He is one of the best things among the other 14 bests in Super Junior. He is a horcrux to me. He has a part of my soul. He has a part of my sanity.


2009 is cursed. More than the good things that happened, bad things exist.
Everyone, here’s my stand (and I don’t care if it matters to you or not). I’ve decided not to believe on anything, and I mean, anything, unless it came from Hangeng. Because the prince of China will remain to be my only Chinese prince. And only his shall will I believe.
I’m still praying. I’m still hoping.
Hankyung won’t be leaving Super Junior.


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