Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To ALL Who Calls Heechul GAY:

It isn’t fair when you continuously call a man ‘GAY’ just because you see him kissing another guy. So yeah, that COULD BE gay-ish, but you cannot judge someone’s personality if you’re just basing your judgments on your OWN culture.
You get what I’m saying?
Okay, to those who don’t, let me explain my argument. In this world, there are thousands of  countries. And along with that BIG fact is a BIGGER fact that there are MILLION kinds of cultures all over the globe. People lives differently and lives according to how they want to.
So never call Heechul a gay unless you understood South Korea’s culture.
I’m not saying that Korean guys are okay to kiss other guys. What I meant was, based on experience and observations, some Korean guys tend to be really effeminate. FEMININEnot GAY. Don’t go cursing them for loving pink or wearing girls’ clothes, or for GOD’s sake, kissing another guy.
Everyone, I know where you’re coming from. I am from the Philippines, a Catholic country. Homosexual kisses are considered immoral here. Over-conservativeness, that is. So I basically understand why there are some who would dare call the boys, particularly Heenim, GAYS.
But one thing that makes me different from all of you is that I know aboutCULTURAL DIFFERENCES. South Korea and the Philippines may be similar in some aspect but with people, THERE’S A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Go to some Western countries and find similar cases. I can give you an example: EVEN FOOTBALL HUNKS KISS EACH OTHER ON THE LIPS WHEN THEY WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Because there is some sort of ecstasy that dominates them. And when you stand on stage and do your passion, it is most likely that you get to feel that ecstasy too.
PLUSHEENIM IS AN AB! No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t say AB people go kiss others of the same sexes, it’s just that AB people tend to do things they feel like doing – even crazy things. Most of the time, they are being run by their instincts, by impulse. So don’t fuss over Heenim’s actions. You don’t know him enough, as I do, to judge him so easily.
I don’t know if I get you convinced with this. But if you still got nothing good to say, then could I flare you up with another kissing scene?

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