Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Understand, Hannie.

I’ve gone berserk, I know. It was like childish to go over something that isn’t official yet. I was stupid. I was foolish. And I apologize for acting that way.
The issue about Hangeng has completely caught me off guard. I was defenseless. I wasn’t prepared. It was a total blow-off. So I cannot blame myself for reacting instantly. Yet again, I am still apologizing.
Updates were posted and are being posted on twELFs.com and sj-world.net. I’ve been trying to catch up to it. Last night, when I checked, I was so worried because the magnae has spoken. In direct English, he wrote:
Even a beast don’t bite the hand that feeds one…
I can not understand…
I don’t understand either.What’s he trying to say? It seems like he’s indeed supporting SM Entertainment’s side. Then when I get home from church, I checked for updates again and learned that Kyuhyun shut his Cyworld, leaving a sidebar message that says:
To go the right way
Is the only thing i have in my soul..
He wrote this in Korean (and I thank krezzo of sj-world.net for the translation). Apparently, he was bashed for having said what he said in his diary entry. I’ve seen the entry before he closed his minihompy and though I can’t understand the Korean language so well, I knew that there are hateful comments there.
I sense myself, losing a part of me. I felt like I’m melting that very moment when I knew what Kyuhyun did. Something’s not right, obviously. Something’s not right withSuper JuniorINTERNALLY.
I’ve gone to browsing for updates. I was literally trembling because I had to hurry for sleep. Then I saw Geng’s Cyworld update. And I was calmed down:
currently i’m good,i know all of you are here all this while (for me)!
—————————————i love you guys~~~
Translated by carolyn at sj-world.netI finally understand. Something in my mind told me, yeah, he’s gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be fine. Everything’s okay.
I didn’t know what’s happening. I have no idea where this is going to. But one thing I knew when I read Geng’s entry: I understand. And I am willing to understand everything about his actions.


Geng has his reason for filing a complaint. And Kyuhyun can explain why he wrote those puzzling yet straightforward messages.
Then I went to sleep. Hoping that the next morning, I’ll be hearing from Heenim and Teukkie. T_T
(The pictures above… I was long thinking about what topic I could write with these images. And it pains me that I’ll be using these on this issue. I declare that it’s not mine. Whoever took this photos, thank you.)

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