Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hold On Tight. We’re Not Letting Go.

It’s getting colder and colder, Christmas is almost here.
But I feel no warmth as I am enveloped with fear.
I know not where to go and I can’t tell what to do
Yet I have to walk blinded so as to get to you.

I need not to hear what others would say
For I know that they will just try to get into my way
These things that worry me, I know will fade away
Because only the love I have for you will forever stay

I tell I’m in pain, but I know you feel worse,
Thoughts are wandering around about this Sapphire Blue world
And as it is Christmas, I want you to feel better
So I’m telling you words everybody should remember

You are my living proofs that miracles exist.
And only the best things for you shall I insist
You are my sunshine – my only sunshine
And for you, I’ll lay my life on the line.

Hush my angels, I know you’re hurting too.
I’m sorry I could never say anything more than I LOVE YOU.
Just let me hold your hands in my dreams,
So even just there, I could be your angel sent by Him.

Tears run down but I’ll try to be strong.
I will try to make right whatever is wrong.
As you tremble and chill in the middle of this cold,
Hear the words ‘I love you’, as your hand I’ll hold.
So please, I beg you. Never let go.
Hold on tighter, don’t ever go.
Because I’m hanging on in here, waiting for you,
Shouting the words, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU.

Never let go. Don’t ever let go.
I can’t help but cry and break my promise of shutting up when I realized that there is a possibility that it is not only Hangeng who filed the case for contract termination. Then, as I was trying to be strong, I saw this image from yurigoodoo on Twitter, and good thing that she let me use this.
And then I burst out.
Super Junior & ELFs, we’re hanging on in here, aren’t we? We’re getting through this. It’s Christmas Day tomorrow, and we have to be happy. We have to stay strong.
Hold on tighter, everyone. Always 13elieve. Because we’re yet to cover the world with Sapphire Blue.

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