Sunday, December 13, 2009

Even Angels Need To Rest

credits: igdg + sj-world
reup: icepluscoffee @ wordpress
So we’ve been too overwhelmed of the pictures of the boys laughing, smiling, performing, and hugging each other at the recently concluded Golden Disk Awards. Those are priceless. Those are treasures.
But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can ever appeal to me more than these two pictures above.
Ssssssshhh… The angel is sleeping… Try not to make a sound, don’t wake him up.
This may be funny. As a comment on icepluscoffee’s page goes, Leeteuk seems to really enjoy sleeping before a performance. But this isn’t a subject of comic to me. This is something serious to talk about.
As this year ends, the more Super Junior’s schedule become jam-packed. I know that we all know how busy they were and how busy they are.
This hurts me. I know how difficult it is to steal some time to take a nap. And I, myself, know that SLEEP is the most essential thing for a person.
SM Entertainment should really give them a break – just to stop myself from thinking that everything’s becoming unfair.
[Insert the story of DBSK here.]
The angel’s sleeping. I should’ve shut up.
Please don’t try to wake him up.

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