Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Missing Them More.

Now I have proven myself that I fell in love with X Crew not just because they’re a Super Junior cover group but due to the fact that they are really the best cover group I have ever laid my eyes upon.
Watching their fancams, spazzing alone, wishing that I get another chance to see them all again performing right before my very eyes – it defines my being a stan for this group. And I tell you, I’m sticking with it.
Nothing as really changed. X Crew is still my anti-depressants. They ease away the worries and depression in me. They free my mind from anxieties and makes me look beyond whatever fuckery is happening. They really never fail to make me realize that I am still entitled to some fun in this life.
It has been a month already since I last saw them. I haven’t been in regular contact ever since as well. I don’t know why but all of a sudden, the usual self that I am – a fan – came back. Suddenly, I feel so distant again because I’ll never be worth it to be called a ‘friend.’
*gets bricked*
No, seriously. I may appear like a bickering bitch all the time when it comes to them but really, nobody knows how much effort I exert to hide my shyness. LOL.
God, thank You for fancams.

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