Friday, March 4, 2011

Because I’m This Nosy.

Frankly speaking, I don’t care about what others would say about the success of SS3 Manila but my nosiness wouldn’t let it just pass. :) All ELF wants their countries to be recognized and Philippine ELF is not an exception. We have our goal that’s why we did that: TO MAKE SUPER JUNIOR FEEL LOVED AND ACCEPTED.
You see, we only have one night to spend with them. We couldn’t afford two- or three-day concerts. That is why we went all out and put everything on the line for these boys.
And as the whole world knows, we succeeded.
Heenim tweeted that he really fxxkin love us. Rare, right? Henry tweeted as well after a long time just to tell us that he enjoyed the concert. (His first and last tweet are for us, anyway.) Jungsoo, Wookie and Yesung did as well. The others, they kept on saying they love us during the concert.
Honestly, I have thought of this happening. But I think it’s unfair to hate us just because Super Junior LOVES us. ^^~
If ever that issue is true and it really came from a foreign ELF, let me give you hints on why the one-night concert turned out to be one of the biggest and most successful stops of Super Show 3:
  1. Nine months. We spent nine long months preparing for the concert. While the organizers do their thing, the fans also used that time to introduce to NEW ELF who Super Junior really is and how a Super Show should be.
  2. The boys’ concerns was our top priority. That’s the secret why Heenim was pleased. If you try to observe things, there weren’t any competition during the concert. All the fan projects were in uniform because there’s one sole group who everybody trusted – SUJUMAD.
  3. We love them. And that love is NOT different from your love or the love of any other international ELF.
This isn’t a question of who’s the best and who’s the worst anymore. This has now become a question of what you can do to make the boys receive what they deserve.
Communication and love were the best weapon to make SS3 Manila successful. There are lots of means to get your projects known. There are still lots of time to prepare.
So instead of hating on us, concentrate on how you can make the boys happy. And please, put the thought of competition aside. If you do things because of jealousy and envy over our success, it will just make your plans falter. Do it for the boys, not to compete. :)

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