Thursday, March 24, 2011


You know what? I enjoy all these things. I enjoy seeing people read and RT my tweets, or hear from people liking my blog…
But you know? Sometimes, it gets too tiring. Especially when people start taking things seriously and then end up competing with each other.
Seriously, when I decided to join Pia and May with the WeLove<bias> thingy here, I just wanted to have fun. We just wanted to have fun. Like how twELFs started. (according to Uti. ᄏᄏᄏ) I never thought I’d gain followers in the first place. But obviously, I did.
And it doesn’t mean the popularity’s going to my head.
Seriously. Having a fanbase account on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook is more like a trend now. It’s like people are just doing that to be recognized. That’s tolerable, fine. But you know what’s annoying? When the popularity gets into someone’s head and they start competing for nothing. Yes, for nothing.
I don’t get it, really. Isn’t love for the boys the paramount here? Since when did becoming the best fanbase becomes the goal? And since when did I (or we) ever gave permission to others to compel us to do things we don’t like to do?
You see, we’re humans. The admins are not Twitter bots who will reply automatically when you send them mentions. We choose what to read, we go for what we want to retweet and we know who we want to follow. Again, we do what we want to do. Nobody can fucking force us on anything.
People, grow up. Act your ages. Some of you are getting into my nerves.

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