Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Set It Straight…

First and foremost, I didn’t fucking compare. All I said was Heenim (and the rest of the boys) were treated like royalties in Manila. AND I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAID THAT! I wish I really could tell you how it was for SS2 and SS3 but I can’t because I don’t have permission to do so.
Now, please be wary. I wouldn’t control myself. For this once, I will just say here whatever I want to say. Hurt those who will get hurt, I would not give a damn and be nice.
Heenim got hurt and it’s human instinct that sent us all looking for someone to blame. Personally, I needed someone to take full responsibility of what happened because I want justice. I sound obsessive and fucking exaggerated, I know, but considering that I did everything I can to please Kim Heechul when he came to Manila even though Leeteuk should have been my first priority, I know I needed justice.
Now, if you will insist that I am comparing Manila to other countries and I’m being particular with Chinese ELF, I ask you: WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT? Backtrack my tweets! Even in the midst of some international ELF hating on the Philippines because the boys loved us, I announced that it will still be nothing compared to Shanghai’s encore.
Actually, that was fucked up. And it will forever fuck up my thoughts about some areas of this fandom.
Others are right. Why are we getting divided? Whatever happened in Shanghai and in other countries are all isolated cases. Just so you know, I saw Kyuhyun got hit by a plushie in the Philippines too. But he wasn’t hurt. I doubt if he even felt it. It wasn’t intentional after all.
Just the same, I know the fan who threw it did not mean it. (Unless, the picture I saw proves it otherwise.) Again, I am still giving her the benefit of the doubt. Though an attention-seeking fan misled us all by posting an ‘apology’ on Baidu, I am sure that whoever really did that is sorry.
Now, to save my sanity, let me say a few things. I couldn’t promise that these would be the last, though. Gifts are given to please, not to fucking hurt. I know how eager we all are to make our boards be seen by the boys but please, let’s give it to them the right way. We don’t have to push too far and end up ruining the night of the boys. It was a HANCHUL board and I suppose we all want him to see whatever that has Geng on it. But again, there’s a right way for everything.
The desire to throw things cannot be denied for I, myself, have felt it too. During SS2, I wasn’t able to bring anything. I was so envious when I saw SJ members picking up gifts thrown by the fans. So on SS3, I wanted to make an impression. I brought plushies and stuffs. I threw them on stage but I made sure it wouldn’t hurt them.
Oh, I just remembered. I threw a heart plushie on Heechul. He kicked it, probably thinking he could catch it by doing so. But when he couldn’t, he let it go.
Fine, enough of the reminiscing.
I am not coming clean. I didn’t say Manila was the perfect stop because nothing could beat Seoul. I may appear like a know-it-all but please, take care of the boys.

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