Monday, November 29, 2010

Proof of Fame. I’m Lucky.

I was at Ali Mall yesterday. A pre-event gathering for all ELF in Manila was held there.
Okay so here’s a secret: I went there not just because of SUJU Mad. Going there is a part of my stalking stunts since I have this inkling that X-Crew will be there.
Alright. So I know that X-Crew will not be performing since most members are out of town. Nevertheless, the fact that the event might be graced by the presence of the remaining three members, I kept my hopes high and made myself excited for what is yet to come.
I wasn’t disappointed. Though there were just two, at least, there are two X-Crew representatives who were there with us: Jet and Ed.
And that day, I was proven how famous they are in the fandom. It’s a major OMG.
Jet was the first one to arrive, and I tell you, it was surreal. I felt like it was Kyuhyun who came, minus Cho Kyuhyun himself. The aura Jet possessed that day was enough to drive some fangirls crazy. Haha.
Jet might not have noticed but I saw the girls really pointing at him, shrugging each other, rushing to be the first one to take pictures. Well, i couldn’t blame them. It’s the Almighty Jet who they’re fussing over on. I would really do the same if I wasn’t that shy.
Then Ed arrived. The crowd is much quieter, but the impact on me is just the same. It’s another X-Crew member after all. When he passed by me, I just waved and said hi. But in the inside, I was like… what the hell have i just done? We’re not even close and I did that. *facepalm*
Fast forward: During the event, they were acknowledged. I was expecting such thing because the fame of X-Crew is unquestionable. Even the hosts were obviously flustered and happy to have Jet and Ed there.
When they went up the stage, I heard roar of cheers. Really. I was laughing at the back not because I find it funny. I was laughing at myself because the surprise never fades. You see, the impact never decreases. It’s more like getting stronger and stronger each time they appear in public.
After the game demonstration, the guys decided to leave. But before they could, fangirls went running to them for picture ops. Cute but that sent me to a realization.
While I was waiting for my turn, I thought of how these guys feel. Seeing Jet and Ed, and imagining the other members… I wonder how it feels to be this famous. I know they were just ordinary people before all these hype happened and I cannot help but think of how they went through the change.
With thousand likes on their group and individual pages on facebook, with the thunderous cheers the audience gives everytime they appear on stage, it might have been so surreal for them, too.
But honestly, the more I know them personally, the more I realize that fame doesn’t mean anything. the humility is evident.the patience is overwhelming. I wonder how they get to handle it all well.
Why am I losing words.
I had fun with them as we took pictures. For a few seconds, I became the fan girl that I am to them once again. Pictures were produced, but most importantly, memories were created.
When they left, everything seemed a little less to me. When they left, I realized that I was tired and I was sleepy the whole day.
Truth be told: That day was funny. Nevertheless, it was so precious to me.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Enough of the Complains, ELF~

Apparently, there are still many people who do not understand what fandom is.Specifically speaking, many still do not comprehend what being an ELF means.
I am terribly disappointed.
I was browsing through Ms. Happee’s page on Facebook and I can’t help but get annoyed with acouple of comments complaining about the tickets, the prices, the reservations, and everythingthere is which can be talked about.
This is way too much.
I wonder where the hell do these people get the nerves to complain. It’s very comparable to thathater. Many are saying things are unfair or things should be like this, and should not be likethat…
Yes, the changes on the information can be quite confusing. Especially for those who aren’t really keeping up with the announcements. I understand the feeling because as the one who compiled the SS3 Manila updates, I get confused at times too.
But hey, I don’t remember myself complaining this much.
Me, along with my friends? Yes, we have questions. We post reactions. But that’s just it. We didn’t take the toll of really posting something hurtful on the organizers’ page. Really. I can’t take even just thethought of it.
Because you know what? We pay respect to the people who made it happen for all of us.
Call me a leech or whatever you want. I am protecting the characteristic of a real ELF from people who would want to intervene and ruin its name – people who ride the bandwagon and callthemselves SJ’s number one fan right ahead.
LOL guys. Being an ELF is not just because Super Junior members are heavenly handsome. THERE’S MORE TO THAT THAT EACH NEW FAN SHOULD UNDERSTAND.
One thing. If this ticketing procedure annoys you, What more if your questions don’tget answered? If you find everything the organizers do unfair, what do you call your constant demanding for your interests to be served?
I don’t know if these people will understand but there are a lot of real fans who are doing everything they can to fill Araneta Coliseum come February 26, 2011. They exert real effort that some would even take a leave to get this done.
There are people who are doing everything they can to give Super Junior the bests of what they deserve.
So please. If you are disappointed because you wouldn’t get the best seats; or if you are upset because somebody is being catered before you, jump off the bandwagon. NEVER CALL YOURSELF AN ELF.
Because if you do, you’re merely bringing disgrace.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Understanding the Legalities of Company Subsidiaries

As defined by the Corporation Code of the Philippines, a subsidiary is ‘one in which control, usually in the form of ownership of majority of its shares, is in another corporation, called the parent corporation.’ In simpler terms, it is identified as another business entity created by a larger business entity without the intention of defrauding the law.
Ordinary people gets confused, most of the time, with the existence of a subsidiary. Many question its legality especially when it is not recorded, per se, in the books of the government agencies.  So to spare people from doubts, the Philippine Corporation Code provides a checklist which states the characteristics of a subsidiary:
  1. The capital stocks of a subsidiary company are owned by the parent corporation. In simpler terms, the parent corporation OWNS the subsidiary company.
  2. The parent corporation and the subsidiary company are governed and run by the same set of board directors/officers. Since it is the directors of a parent corporation who decide on the establishment of a subsidiary company, it is just natural that they become the same officials of the latter.
  3. Subsidiary is financed by the parent corporation. All the expenses of the subsidiary company are shouldered by the parent corporation.
  4. The capital of a subsidiary company is inadequate. Since the amount of capital given to a subsidiary company is limited, it is the parent corporation’s responsibility to provide for it.
  5. All properties which belong to a subsidiary company may be used by the parent corporation. All assets procured under the name of the subsidiary company are owned by the parent corporation as well, giving the latter all the rights to use it.
  6. In the company documents of the parent corporation, the name of the subsidiary should come as a department or division of the bigger entity. A description of the subsidiary should also be included in the paper.
  7. All directors of the subsidiary cannot act independently.Since they rely most on the directors and officers of the parent corporation, they have to wait for the seniors before acting.
  8. It is not a requirement that the formal legal requirements of the subsidiary are observed. Contrary to what others believe, it is not important for a subsidiary company to keep all records in order to prove its legality. Proving it legitimate is the parent corporation’s responsibility.
Through the abovementioned characteristics, it can be easily understood that the Philippines honor the subsidiary company as a dependent entity to its parent corporation. As long as it is not used for fraudulent activities, it is honored as legitimate.
To further understand, it is best that one consult Filipino lawyers whose field of specialization is on corporate laws. That way, all matters and concerned will be professionally dealt with.
I wrote this for my company and I don’t know when it’ll be posted on our site.
I posted it here just to give us all a good background how a COMPANY SUBSIDIARY works in the Philippines.
Indeed, I do not know anything about the law. But like Heechul, I know what is right and what is wrong. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please Pray for the Two Koreas


Many have the assumption that we, non-Koreans but Asians, are merely riding the bandwagon of trending #prayforkorea – for the reason that our idols compelled us to do so. If not, they presume that it’s only the lives of the famous Koreans which we care for.
Downright insulting. Downright pathetic.
I don’t know with the others but speaking for myself and all my friends whose purpose I share, it’s not the case.
When the news broke out, the alarming possibility of war was my first thought. As all of you know, I am the type of person who cares so much about the future and the thought of World War III frightens me a lot.
Here’s the reason why:
Years ago, when USA waged a war against Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack (I WAS STILL IN HIGHSCHOOL), I was awakened to the truth that war is the least thing I would want to happen to the world. The reason why is self-explanatory.
Years after – just recently – when a South Korean vessel tank was bombed by North Korea, I was given a glimpse of war between the two nations. I knew that sooner or later, something worse will come up.
Then the bombing in Yeonpyeong-Do happened.
South Korea fought back and of course, North fought back again, and the rest is history.
Now, here’s the catch: South Korea and US are allies. If I have gotten my facts straight, I can say that if South Korea engages in a battle against the North, US will be involved.
And that is my greatest fear.
Because US is in allegiance with the Philippines. Remember how we got involved in WWII?
You see, this news affect everyone. It’s not merely because we’re fangirls that is why we are concerned. Of course, the thought that Kangin’s in the army is quite bothersome. But upon being assured that he’ll be spared from the ruckus because he’s still a trainee somehow calmed me down and made me go back to the message of this article.
Honestly, I do not know when this feud started. I don’t get it why the peninsula has to be divided. But one thing, there are lives lost and more being threatened. It’s awful.
Everyone – regardless of nationalities – has to pray for the two Koreas. Yes, both for South and North.
Please. All is fair in war; only, there’s no winner. It’s just a matter of how many casualties and how much damage has been done. That’s how they measure it there. So absurd.
And of course, we don’t want to wake up to a morning news of bloodshed. We don’t want to eat lunch along with the thought that lives are continuously being wasted. We don’t want to sleep at night with the fear of not being able to wake up again.
There’s a possibility, guys. And this is the time when we can no longer say we should care about the present more than anything else anymore.
So let’s pray for peace between the two Koreas. Let’s pray that they find forgiveness and hope for their people. Let’s pray that for once, their leaders settle for an encounter which does not involve artillery shells. Let’s pray that tomorrow, when we wake up, everything’s gone back to normal.
Because after all, Asians are Asians. It’s a must that we mind each other’s businesses.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

In the Fear of Getting Lost…

I woke up in the morning with a heavy heart… literally heavy. My chest has been hurting since last night, I don’t know why.
What makes me feel a lot more confused is the dream I had. I barely had an idea for what that dream was for but I seriously don’t know if I’ll like it or not.
It got me sooooo confused.
So in my dream, me and some friends were having an overnight at my place. We were in my room and there were like 5 or 6 of us inside. I was lying in my bed to sleep when I realized that the other girls were on the floor while someone is beside me…
someone I don’t understand why it has to be him who’s there.
Feeling normal in my dream, I decided to turn my back against the boy to sleep. Then when I turned upright, he hugged me.
And I know that wasn’t an ordinary hug. I felt the warm even though it’s just a dream. I honestly thought it’s real. I felt the weight of his arms on my body and as I was going to slumber, I was pushed to the end of the bed and fell.
Then it’s another story which involves me walking without shoes and holding an umbrella.
This isn’t fair and I hate that dream.
Let me tell you one thing: I always have been suppressing my feelings for that person who hugged me since the day we met. And just when I thought that I’m getting over it, this dream came up and I was led to a brand new world of confusion and fucked-up reality.
And then let me tell you another:
Walking without shoes signifies my inferiority and lack of self-esteem. CHECK.
An umbrella means I’ve turned my safety on and I’m trying to avoid the feelings I have for someone. CHECK.
And being hugged symbolizes my desire for affection and love from someone. CHECK.
As you can see, my dreams told me the things I’ve been trying to deny since day one.
And I fear of getting lost again.
I am on the right track. I know I’m there. I’m happy with my life even though something’s missing. I’m okay with this set-up. I’m free and I’m independent.
I don’t want to have feelings for someone I know will never reciprocate.


I’ve met life’s most depressing points, I’ve been through the darkest days and have met different people,but life has its perks after all. Indeed, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. And I guess, I have found my way there.
How can I stop being so grateful, I don’t know. I felt so special. I felt so appreciated. Everytime I’m with those people,it feels like a brand new world.
Indeed, I cannot find the right words anymore. With the three articles I have written about them, I have come to realize that emotions are better left unsaid. Coz if I insist, it will come out senseless.
But then I have to try because if I keep it to myself, how can I make others know of these people’s greatness?
Okay. So last night was a night full of impulsive decisions. After office, I went to Pasig City to stalk some of the my most favorite people in the fandom. It’s a new place to me and it’s a good thing that I have someone for a company.
It was a pageant – an event I never really enjoyed. Nevertheless, the thought that my ‘friends’ will be there performing made me feel the excitement.
The problem is my parents didn’t know about it and all they knew was we were on our way home already. I know it’s stupid. But what would I not do to see something ordinary fans couldn’t.
Fast forward. I wasn’t able to watch the performance. But then you know what, I think I have gotten more.
Ate Jen sent me a text message  telling me not to go home yet and meet them outside. That was actually moving for me. It’s like she really wanted to see me. She was with Majo and they were in their costumes already. Super cute and sexy; and for a few minutes, I couldn’t help but reminisce the days when it was me who used to wear such kinds of costumes for dances.
Then Ate Jen hugged me. For the second time, I was like ‘what have I done again?’ If I’ll be getting those kinds of hugs everytime I write an article about them, I wouldn’t hesitate to compose one everyday.
Then I got introduced to Majo and Ed. Charm and Jhane were there too. Afterwards, I said I wanted to meet Kuya Jerry so Ed called them from inside the hall. While waiting, I felt the shame. I even asked myself how dare am I to request to know the other members.
But then Kuya Jerry, Ate Atchie and Jet appeared.


Really. Compared to last Saturday when I met them as XCrew, I think meeting them as who they are really made a big difference. For the first time, I get to understand their points why I shouldn’t feel shy whenever I’m with them.
It is actually more overwhelming hearing their appreciative words when they’re in their normal state. LOL. Yeah, it moved me more. But surprisingly, it’s much easier to handle.
I don’t know who’s who but I heard someone said praises. ‘Great cheonsa23′, he said. I smiled at the thought but the denial on the weight of those words emerged victorious. Because to me, I was never great.
I do not want to be annoyingly humble but I speak the truth. To me, the greatness of a writer comes from the greatness of the subject he’s writing. I’m just an apprentice when it comes to blogging. How can I be great?
Truth is, I never stopped spazzing to Ate Andrea when we were on our way home. Even before we sleep and right after we wake up, when we were eating breakfast, I kept on mentioning their names.
Yes, I’m referring to them using their first names.
Assuming much?
Right now, beside me is the piece of paper which they signed. How can stalking be right if I don’t have their autographs? I told them I’m gonna show it to their fans in Davao but honestly, it will be kept in my memoirs box.
MISSING: Leeteuk's (Pipo) and Shindong's (Kuya Marvin)
Who wrote this? Jet or Ed?
I know, I know. Some people may be thinking that I’m just taking advantage. Honestly, I fear such kinds of reactions that’s why I don’t want Ate Atchie, Kuya Jerry and Jet to post my article on their fan page. I don’t want other people to assume that I’m using this blog to get close to these wonderful people.


Indeed, the stress brought by the whole day of working, and dealing with some random stupid people outside the office were swept away. I felt relieved. I felt relaxed. I felt at ease.
And everytime I remember how tight Jhane’s hug was before we left, the more I realized that if there are lucky XCrew fans, I would definitely be one of them.
Thank you for making me feel better.
(credit to Mr. David for the picture ^^)