Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learning from the Kings

I’m crying and it’s not even funny.
To know the reason, listen to JYJ’s W first. Then find the translation. Familiarize yourself with the song, internalize, keep it on loop and read on.
Done? okay.
I am crying because I am hurting. I am hurting because I have to admit that a part of me is a Cassiopeia. This song appeals so much to me because ever since DBSK separated, I have never heard any of two groups talk about each other.
And this song, this song broke the silence for me.
You know what is W? It is the letter formed when you look at the constellation Cassiopeia. It is the letter which the five brightest stars form in the night sky.
W are Yunho, Jaejoong, Micky, Junsu and Changmin.
And I am honestly crying because I want them back together again. I want them to just forget all the pain and heartaches, and just go back to how they used to be.
I am not a DBSK stan but I loved them enough to say that I am a fan.
But you know what hurts more? I am an ELF and I love Super Junior…
I love Super Junior so much that seeing JYJ perform a song for HoMin makes me so intolerably jealous that music can still defy all odds for them.


Indeed, he mentioned Super Junior in several interviews, and so does the group. But I don’t want to believe any of those statements, especially Jungsoo’s.
Ironic? No. There are lots of possibilities that every statement each party makes is dictated by the company handling them. I know the basics of marketing a talent. I can say when lies become acceptable and when truth becomes forbidden.
I have been waiting for music to do its part. I have been waiting for the time when exchanges of ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss you’s’ will be done through harmonious melody.
But since Geng left and released his album, I have never heard anything like that. or atleast, anything I know of.
Now I can’t help but think that is this how selfish the world could sometimes be?  I know I am not in the position to say anything but there are things that we, fans, should understand.
For our own sanity. For our own peace of mind.
JYJ is holding on. Geng, I’m expecting that you are too.
Hearing Yoochun’s line: “WE LOVE YOU BOTH.” further  activates my tear glands. I am so envious of the Cassiopeias out there. The three, despite the distance, made a way to let their feelings be known. They used their music to deliver their messages to each other.
I don’t want to ask why Super Junior can’t do that…
or Geng, at least.
There’s gonna be a 5jib next year. Can I expect?
We can meet you someday
We think of you everytime we close our eyes
You’re everything
Even now, it’s still natural for you to be with us
Until we can meet again, we’ll keep your place
We believe that we can smile with you again
We all will smile again
Please hold on.

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