Monday, November 29, 2010

Proof of Fame. I’m Lucky.

I was at Ali Mall yesterday. A pre-event gathering for all ELF in Manila was held there.
Okay so here’s a secret: I went there not just because of SUJU Mad. Going there is a part of my stalking stunts since I have this inkling that X-Crew will be there.
Alright. So I know that X-Crew will not be performing since most members are out of town. Nevertheless, the fact that the event might be graced by the presence of the remaining three members, I kept my hopes high and made myself excited for what is yet to come.
I wasn’t disappointed. Though there were just two, at least, there are two X-Crew representatives who were there with us: Jet and Ed.
And that day, I was proven how famous they are in the fandom. It’s a major OMG.
Jet was the first one to arrive, and I tell you, it was surreal. I felt like it was Kyuhyun who came, minus Cho Kyuhyun himself. The aura Jet possessed that day was enough to drive some fangirls crazy. Haha.
Jet might not have noticed but I saw the girls really pointing at him, shrugging each other, rushing to be the first one to take pictures. Well, i couldn’t blame them. It’s the Almighty Jet who they’re fussing over on. I would really do the same if I wasn’t that shy.
Then Ed arrived. The crowd is much quieter, but the impact on me is just the same. It’s another X-Crew member after all. When he passed by me, I just waved and said hi. But in the inside, I was like… what the hell have i just done? We’re not even close and I did that. *facepalm*
Fast forward: During the event, they were acknowledged. I was expecting such thing because the fame of X-Crew is unquestionable. Even the hosts were obviously flustered and happy to have Jet and Ed there.
When they went up the stage, I heard roar of cheers. Really. I was laughing at the back not because I find it funny. I was laughing at myself because the surprise never fades. You see, the impact never decreases. It’s more like getting stronger and stronger each time they appear in public.
After the game demonstration, the guys decided to leave. But before they could, fangirls went running to them for picture ops. Cute but that sent me to a realization.
While I was waiting for my turn, I thought of how these guys feel. Seeing Jet and Ed, and imagining the other members… I wonder how it feels to be this famous. I know they were just ordinary people before all these hype happened and I cannot help but think of how they went through the change.
With thousand likes on their group and individual pages on facebook, with the thunderous cheers the audience gives everytime they appear on stage, it might have been so surreal for them, too.
But honestly, the more I know them personally, the more I realize that fame doesn’t mean anything. the humility is evident.the patience is overwhelming. I wonder how they get to handle it all well.
Why am I losing words.
I had fun with them as we took pictures. For a few seconds, I became the fan girl that I am to them once again. Pictures were produced, but most importantly, memories were created.
When they left, everything seemed a little less to me. When they left, I realized that I was tired and I was sleepy the whole day.
Truth be told: That day was funny. Nevertheless, it was so precious to me.


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