Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reserved or Rejected?

The reservation for the best seats is finally off. Officially, VVIP and VIP tickets are sold out in a few hours. Awesome for me.
However, it is just so disappointing to see many “ELF” posting stupid rants and hates on Ms. Happee’s page. It has become annoying, especially those people who feels like they’re indeed very special people that the organizers should prioritize. And to my extreme humor, some even involved their parents on the process. Yes, there are some who ‘lectured’ Ms. Happee about what to do.
I understand the frustration. I understand the stress. BUT YOU’VE GOT TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH. There are like a thousand PhELF trying to get through the hotline and only 500 seats are available. Don’t think that just because you have the money to pay, you should be there. Don’t think that just because you are the customer, you have all the rights to post RUDE comments on Ms. Happee’s page and demand everything like you’re one important person in this world.
At least give some respect to the person who made it possible to bring Super Junior here. What fuels this anger more is the fact that some ‘ELF’, or how they would like to think themselves to be, said that they wouldn’t watch the concert anymore. LOL. HOW CHILDISH. And how dare you call yourselves ELF if you’re like that?
Indeed, the bandwagon is rolling. I hate it, though.
Look, we’ve been trying to make this concert sold out. We’ve been trying to make history. But above it all, WE ARE TRYING TO PLEASE SUPER JUNIOR. Because believe it or not and as what Korean ELF would want us all to understand is that WE SHOULD GO THERE NOT TO SEE THEM, BUT FOR THEM TO SEE US.
I know we all need to see them up-close and we need to touch them. I am a hypocrite if I say I don’t like that. But their joy will always be my first priority. After all and as Ms. Happee said, it doesn’t matter where we are during the concert; as long as we are there.
There are a lot of other options. Araneta Coliseum has space for 8000 people (without the gen-ad area, I believe) and we can always settle for the second best.
Actually, the reservation this year is much more organized than before. For SS2, we were told to send emails. That’s more stressing because they wouldn’t reply unless they count us in. We didn’t have ideas to tell us that we didn’t make it to the list. The torture was greater, seriously.
Here’s the catch: Sometimes, we just have to be contented with what we have. To those who will be seating in the VVIP/VIP areas, congratulations! You guys are the luckiest people ever. And to those who didn’t, settle for the second best. SVIP is great too. ^^
And to those who know nothing but whine and hate, stop it. You’re not making any sense. Please, pay some respect to someone we all owe a lot to.

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