Friday, November 12, 2010


You’re about to read the most random post because I have to get over my randomness. A few questions have been running in and out of my mind, and I don’t get it why they don’t fucking get tired… Coz I’m trying to pick up the pieces and I’m still not getting any conclusions…
of what I’m supposed to think about.
Fuck yeah.
I’m random. I’m stupid. My words aren’t so deep. I’m not worthy to be called a writer.
But one thing I can be proud: I make sure that my readers understand. And more than that, I make sure that I understand what I’m writing.
I miss Geng. and I miss Kangin. Really. I have nothing to say about Kibum. He’s been out in the streets, prolly drinking and playing bowling with Heechul or just anyone. Geez. I can only be sure of Kangin. I can only be sure that only one is coming back. Oh well, at least, someone will be back.
“When I get out of the army, all 13 of us will be back on stage again.”
I still believe, though. I have this feeling that before the end of the world, I’ll be seeing them again together on stage.
You know what? I have this feeling that this world’s end is coming near. I didn’t watch 2012 but boy am I getting afraid with all the earthquakes, typhoons and fucking volcanic eruptions. I mean, okay, I have to be a good daughter to my parents and a good sister to my oppa.
Fine. I’m changing.
I’m intending to make you dizzy with this post, because I’m that stupid. LOL.
This should’ve been on tumblr. Ok yeah, I’ll be posting this on tumblr too.
You know what? I don’t even get it why I have readers when all I post are random shits and everything that’s very known to everyone.
But knowing that I have readers make me feel so accepted, I feel so belonged.
I can die *virtually* for all of you guys. I love you!

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