Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please Pray for the Two Koreas


Many have the assumption that we, non-Koreans but Asians, are merely riding the bandwagon of trending #prayforkorea – for the reason that our idols compelled us to do so. If not, they presume that it’s only the lives of the famous Koreans which we care for.
Downright insulting. Downright pathetic.
I don’t know with the others but speaking for myself and all my friends whose purpose I share, it’s not the case.
When the news broke out, the alarming possibility of war was my first thought. As all of you know, I am the type of person who cares so much about the future and the thought of World War III frightens me a lot.
Here’s the reason why:
Years ago, when USA waged a war against Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack (I WAS STILL IN HIGHSCHOOL), I was awakened to the truth that war is the least thing I would want to happen to the world. The reason why is self-explanatory.
Years after – just recently – when a South Korean vessel tank was bombed by North Korea, I was given a glimpse of war between the two nations. I knew that sooner or later, something worse will come up.
Then the bombing in Yeonpyeong-Do happened.
South Korea fought back and of course, North fought back again, and the rest is history.
Now, here’s the catch: South Korea and US are allies. If I have gotten my facts straight, I can say that if South Korea engages in a battle against the North, US will be involved.
And that is my greatest fear.
Because US is in allegiance with the Philippines. Remember how we got involved in WWII?
You see, this news affect everyone. It’s not merely because we’re fangirls that is why we are concerned. Of course, the thought that Kangin’s in the army is quite bothersome. But upon being assured that he’ll be spared from the ruckus because he’s still a trainee somehow calmed me down and made me go back to the message of this article.
Honestly, I do not know when this feud started. I don’t get it why the peninsula has to be divided. But one thing, there are lives lost and more being threatened. It’s awful.
Everyone – regardless of nationalities – has to pray for the two Koreas. Yes, both for South and North.
Please. All is fair in war; only, there’s no winner. It’s just a matter of how many casualties and how much damage has been done. That’s how they measure it there. So absurd.
And of course, we don’t want to wake up to a morning news of bloodshed. We don’t want to eat lunch along with the thought that lives are continuously being wasted. We don’t want to sleep at night with the fear of not being able to wake up again.
There’s a possibility, guys. And this is the time when we can no longer say we should care about the present more than anything else anymore.
So let’s pray for peace between the two Koreas. Let’s pray that they find forgiveness and hope for their people. Let’s pray that for once, their leaders settle for an encounter which does not involve artillery shells. Let’s pray that tomorrow, when we wake up, everything’s gone back to normal.
Because after all, Asians are Asians. It’s a must that we mind each other’s businesses.

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