Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Users Go To Hell

Honestly, I don’t care about credits. I may have put a copyright on this blog, but really, I don’t care about credits.
But I care about my ideas. All articles written here (exclude the photos and videos that went with it) are mine. No matter how stupid and random these were written, these are still products of my intellect and I have all the rights to call it my own.
Well, I have just stumbled upon a realization that sometimes, taking what is supposed to be yours is worth it – much more, fighting for it. You know what guys? It’s not even funny being copied. Others say, imitation is the best form of flattery but I am no celebrity. That seriously does not apply for me.
Indeed, no matter how patient a person can be, there will still be a point in her life when her bubble will burst. I am no God to always forgive and let things pass. Don’t worry, this annoyance wouldn’t last long. However, I just hope that the weight of my words will somehow come out as a warning.
I am a writer; and whatever is mine, I will know. The instinct is there, alive. Like how a mother can easily identify who’s who among her identical twins, I can tell which is mine among all the articles I read through my screen.
Yes, paraphrasing and spinning won’t help; because little does everyone know and with all humility, I am also an editor.
Call me boastful, but I’m not selfish. These articles, INCLUDING THE COMPILATION FOR SS3 MANILA, are for everyone to read. I posted these for the sake of my readers who I really owe a lot to and who I wholeheartedly love. After all, I will never be called a writer if they don’t exist.
But not everyone visiting this blog is a reader. Some are thieves lurking, ready to profit on WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE.
Just a piece of advice, please stop trying to use my little ability in writing for your popularity. This blog isn’t made for that. This blog is made for something more than that. I set this up for fame, sure thing. But it’s not for me. It’s for the boys.
In this world, we have to be fair. If you don’t like putting credits, then please pay respect to the real writer of what you’re posting. DO NOT USE HIS/HER ARTICLES FOR YOUR OWN SAKE. Come up with your own.
I do not care if I wouldn’t see my name on your post. I don’t need you to credit me or promote this blog in return – as long as you’re doing it for the same reason why I did. Otherwise, stop stealing.
After all, it doesn’t make you anything greater as a person; and I believe, Super Junior wouldn’t want dishonest people for fans.

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