Saturday, November 6, 2010

Change is Not the Only Thing Constant in the World

Words will never, ever be enough to describe the true feelings of my heart right now. I’m struggling for words to compensate for the overwhelming gratitude.
It is my intention to come up with an article before November 6, 2010 ends. But why am I finding it difficult? Is it because the best memories are rather kept in the heart?
It’s Super Junior’s fifth anniversary.
And you know what? This is apparently the greatest day for a fangirl like me.
SM posted a message for Super Junior, Kangin was in the anniversary event in Korea, Geng updated his Weibo and mentioned the 5th anniversary, and Kibum is rumored to be practicing a lot to become the new member of Super Junior M.
Prior to that, the anniversary projects I personally planned and financed turned out to be a great success. Thanks to the people who helped and contributed a lot, I gained the self-fulfillment of having done something for the boys.
I met a lot of people, gained new friends, and re-discovered myself.
I knew that this is how I would always want to be.
People say that there’s nothing constant in this world except change. But I say love defies everything.
I love Super Junior enough to believe in them forever.
I love this fandom enough to never quit.
Changes? It applies. But I’ll continue holding on… until the next five years and beyond.


Thank you for completing my life.

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