Thursday, February 24, 2011

Few More Hours…

Few more hours left.. It’s a few more hours left before Super Junior sets foot on this land. It’s few more hours before they breathe the same air I breathe, the same sight I see and the same place where I am…. AGAIN.
I thought I’m so prepared now. But the truth is, I think I’m not.
There are many things I have to do for this concert. But it seems like I don’t know where to start. I can’t even determine why I’m like this.
Excitement is overwhelming me.
Apparently, I won’t be able to sleep. :)
Super Junior… I can’t wait anymore.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Love You, Leader… As Always

credits to the uploader.
This is just too perfect. This is just too angelic.
Tears fall on the beauty of the song, of the singer, of the music itself.
Indeed, I do not need to know the meaning of the song to feel the emotion it conveys. It’s the job of the melody and the voice of the singer.
Jungsoo has been the messenger. He really has always been the angel.
I’m crying, literally, with a smile painted.
I love you, leader. As always.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just in Time.


When was the last time I cried because of the gloriousness of one song? When was the last time I felt real comfort just by listening to a singer do his thing? When was the last time my heart felt at ease because of the melody that plays on my ear?
When was the last time I heard the angel sing this sincere?
I have to admit that I am not yet over the envy and jealousy over the special treatment Japan received for Super Show 3. I must say that my insides burned upon knowing that Teuk played the piano and sang a Japanese song for his solo… yeah, he had a solo.
But now, as the voice of Jungsoo resounds through my head, everything just went fine for me.
This is what I loved him for.
He has the ability to ease away all the worries in me. He can always calm me down. He can always fix my thoughts when it was scattered everywhere. He has the ability to bring me back to myself, to my real purpose.
Just by singing… Just by being himself.
Somehow, I have to be very grateful to Japan. If not for them, this wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t have heard the angel sing like this again. I wouldn’t have seen through it all.
Seven days. Seven more days and he’ll be here with me – breathing the air I breathe, walking on the land I walk. Seven days and the angel will once again descend in my world.
Seven days, seven days.
Jungsoo, there’s no letting go.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Need…

credits as taggedYou love the Philippines. This is the first country to make you and Henry really feel accepted. Manila is the place you held your first solo at. You treasure and cherish those Hello Kitty fans we waved before you.
And we’re both looking forward to seeing each other again.
But eleven days before the concert date, we knew you couldn’t make it.
Stupid visa problems. Now I can’t help myself but blame both our governments why they don’t have a bilateral agreement on immigration.
But then, I believe in miracles. in 10 days.
You do too, right?

Monday, February 14, 2011

It’s Raining Bricks Here.

It’s fun seeing this concept.
I feel like I was given a glimpse of how Hogsmeade tenants are during the winter. I can even imagine this set as a corner in The Three Broomsticks and soon to be served to them are Butterbeers.
Mimi also looked like Charlie (of the Chocolate Factory) and Wook looked like the Little Drummer Boy. Henry, Hae, Kyu, Hyuk and Ming seemed like French vampires who lived when Rosalie was still human but got frustrated with their plot and decided to hop in to JK Rowling’s story… And Siwon reminded me of Cruella Devil who thought he likes porcupines more than dalmatians, then joined the group in hope of finding more.
I feel a brick hit me.


I missed them. I couldn’t do this trolling during their Super Girl promotion, idk why. They almost got me killed last time. So before they do so with this comeback, I have to get even first.


Foine. Just kidding. I just need them back in my life.
Then on a more serious note, I'm still in the process of convincing myself that 
I can't really see Geng in the picture. 
 I can't help but wonder how he feels seeing this, 
and how these boys feel knowing that when promotion starts, 
they can come across their hyung anytime.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to Where It’s Supposed to Be

'It was all I ever wanted but it flew away from my grasp. I was just a heartbeat away but somebody took it away from me…
But destiny works like how a miracle does. It brings back together whatever is broken, it shines on the darkest corners and fuels the dying fire to continue its blaze.
So it found its way back to where it truly belongs… back to where it was supposed to be … back to me…
After all, it is all I ever wanted.”

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recognition’s Back to Where It Truly Belongs

Congratulations Super Junior. No news can ever be greater than this.
You are the number one group of 2009, 2010 and for the rest of forever.
And Lord, thank You for giving them what they truly deserve.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Truth #2

I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and just the same, everyone is entitled to get depressed.
Why the fuck would you drag Jungsoo’s emotional characteristic over this one stupid comparison?
This accusation hurts more than anything else I could think of.
Call him depressed, call him an attention whore, call him a pervert, but not this. NOT THIS PLEASE.
Especially if you do not know how it feels to manage 13.. no, 15 people.
I never thought that this would affect me as much as it does now. I didn’t pay attention because I have the god-feeling that that secret was just made for controversy. But the hurtful comments that came along with it, all of it are baseless.
And I’m not saying this because I’m an ELF.
It’s just that I know how to stay out of this shoes and step on to someone else’s.
God. Somehow, I’m thankful that Jungsoo can’t understand English. Otherwise, he will discover this secret and his self-esteem might crash down. (NOTE: Because as any REAL TEUKIE-BIASED knows, Jungsoo search the net not for good news about himself but for negative feedbacks.)

Truth #3 [Just Some Random Thoughts]

  • If your bias had been ordered (yes, ordered) to lead 12 other people with different personalities, compare him with Jungsoo.
  • If your bias sacrificed his last money to treat his co-trainees even just buns, compare him with Jungsoo.
  • If your bias does not just act as a leader but as a REAL brother to his members, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias pretended that his stomach is fine when in reality, he would eventually vomit everything he ate, compare him with Jungsoo.
  • If your bias vomitted in a cloth during a shooting break because he was forced to eat food which his aching stomach can’t take, compare him with Jungsoo.
  • If your bias slept while sitting on top of a metal box while waiting for the van to bring them to their next schedule, compare him with Jungsoo.
  • If your bias pullet out an all-nighter just to be able to prepare for a comedy stunt on a variety show the next day, compare him with Jungsoo.
  • If your bias still had to continue working with a cast on his hand after breaking a finger, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias had to be the hyung/oppa, not just of his group but of his whole company, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias faced the truth that he has to leave the entertainment world for army in a year or two (while they’re at the peak of their success), compare him with Jungsoo.
  • If your bias got involved in a terrible accident which almost took his life after a whole day of work, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias laid down on what is almost a deathbed yet he calls out for the name of the maknae who is more injured than him, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias had to receive 170 stitches at his back and head, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias had to film a movie just after he got released from the hospital, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias knows when to keep quiet and when to react, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias is man enough to admit that he is depressed, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias allowed himself to be seriously bullied and embarrassed by his members even just once, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias had to always appear strong when he really isn’t just so others wouldn’t belittle the group, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias is a leader and had seen his group falling apart, yet managed to pull all things possible together again, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias can display a smile even when he doesn’t feel like doing so, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias is a leader yet he would prefer to give up the best position for exposure during photoshoots and interviews, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If the other members of your idol group said that after your bias left, they’re at loss because they’re not with him, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias is strong enough to search about negative comments about himself on the internet just so he knows what areas to improve, compare him with Leeteuk.
  • If your bias had ever wished his whole group to be together again, compare him with Leeteuk.
Otherwise, never compare.
And just so you know, bitches, not everything is about money.