Monday, February 7, 2011


It has been a year and a half almost since this blog started. It has also been that same length of time when I first indulged myself on this fandom and met few of the best people in this Sapphire Blue World.
For the nth time, I will tell you that I have no plans of telling you what that means and how the group started. But I will tell you how much I love the people I’m with in that ‘club’ and how much I miss spazzing with them.
Pia, Mai, Lee, Dan and Cyb.
You guys were basically what fandom is to me. Sure, I met a lot of other friends but what I have been sharing with you is definitely incomparable. If not for the five of you, I wouldn’t have been exposed to this world and I wouldn’t get to meet the others that came after you.
Really. I miss the #ELPhashtags, #ELPQuotes and the birthday projects we used to do for each other. I still remember the chats and stuffs like that. I miss it all and I wish we could just get back to time and do what we all love.
Now that I barely see Pia and Mai online, I just feel like a part of me is missing. These two girls plays a vital role on my being a fangirl because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to watch Super Show 2. If not for their trust, I wouldn’t have been able to buy that SVIP ticket.
And that makes me feel really, really guilty. I promised Mai before that since I got employed then, I would help them in buying their tickets. But look what I did. I resigned and now, I’m going through the toughest time in making my budget fit for everything.
Fine, I’ve gone random again.
To cut this short, I miss ELP. I miss talking about crazy stuffs with them. I miss being the girl that I was before all these hype came.
I miss my friends… More than that, I miss my sisters.

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