Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Than Just Crushing and Admiration

KPOP is more than just handsome and beautiful faces, sexy bodies, high-pitched voices and powerful dances. It is also more than the fun and wit on variety programs, the drama on behind-the-scenes and the truth on everything.
To some, it is the world. To many, it is the life.
I’ve been reading a lot of KPOP secrets saying that if not for KPOP, they would have killed their selves already. Whether they are saying the truth or merely trying to catch people’s attention, I don’t care. Because whether it is to these anons or to others, such thing about KPOP really exists.
I know.
Okay, I didn’t try to kill myself. I’m way past that stage. But KPOP really changed my life. It put sense to my uselessness and gave me reasons to reach my goal and look forward to the future. Backtrack my posts if you don’t believe.
I think it’s inevitable. When one lets KPOP take over, the music, beauty, talent and everything that comprise the first impression towards it just disappears. What remains is the essential part of it all – the influence.
And then life changes. The world becomes a better place. Life becomes colorful from being monotonous. Everything gains a sense of reason. Everything falls into its proper places.
People who are out of the KPOP loop may now comment that I’m out of my mind and I’m crazy for ever coming up with this thinking. But really, this thing happens because it’s supposed to happen. After all, I’ve been out in the wild side of life for like 18 years but none of my other interests have given me this kind of satisfaction and joy.
Indeed, KPOP is more than just crushing and admiration. It is more than singing songs I don’t fully understand. It is more than the expenses and sacrifices.
It is life to me, as it is to others.
So can I demand for some damn respect?

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