Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just in Time.


When was the last time I cried because of the gloriousness of one song? When was the last time I felt real comfort just by listening to a singer do his thing? When was the last time my heart felt at ease because of the melody that plays on my ear?
When was the last time I heard the angel sing this sincere?
I have to admit that I am not yet over the envy and jealousy over the special treatment Japan received for Super Show 3. I must say that my insides burned upon knowing that Teuk played the piano and sang a Japanese song for his solo… yeah, he had a solo.
But now, as the voice of Jungsoo resounds through my head, everything just went fine for me.
This is what I loved him for.
He has the ability to ease away all the worries in me. He can always calm me down. He can always fix my thoughts when it was scattered everywhere. He has the ability to bring me back to myself, to my real purpose.
Just by singing… Just by being himself.
Somehow, I have to be very grateful to Japan. If not for them, this wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t have heard the angel sing like this again. I wouldn’t have seen through it all.
Seven days. Seven more days and he’ll be here with me – breathing the air I breathe, walking on the land I walk. Seven days and the angel will once again descend in my world.
Seven days, seven days.
Jungsoo, there’s no letting go.

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