Monday, February 14, 2011

It’s Raining Bricks Here.

It’s fun seeing this concept.
I feel like I was given a glimpse of how Hogsmeade tenants are during the winter. I can even imagine this set as a corner in The Three Broomsticks and soon to be served to them are Butterbeers.
Mimi also looked like Charlie (of the Chocolate Factory) and Wook looked like the Little Drummer Boy. Henry, Hae, Kyu, Hyuk and Ming seemed like French vampires who lived when Rosalie was still human but got frustrated with their plot and decided to hop in to JK Rowling’s story… And Siwon reminded me of Cruella Devil who thought he likes porcupines more than dalmatians, then joined the group in hope of finding more.
I feel a brick hit me.


I missed them. I couldn’t do this trolling during their Super Girl promotion, idk why. They almost got me killed last time. So before they do so with this comeback, I have to get even first.


Foine. Just kidding. I just need them back in my life.
Then on a more serious note, I'm still in the process of convincing myself that 
I can't really see Geng in the picture. 
 I can't help but wonder how he feels seeing this, 
and how these boys feel knowing that when promotion starts, 
they can come across their hyung anytime.

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