Friday, January 13, 2012

Late Christmas Gift

Christmas came a little bit late for me. ^^

So this is an artwork of Jolito, the foster son of Jungsu ^^. I just received it two days ago and it melted my heart when I saw this. REALLY.

For Jolito, the Christmas tree is his favorite decoration; and so he draw it. Even if this three-year old kid doesn't know yet what the true symbolism of a Christmas tree is, it's good to know that the ornament is indeed making sense for him.

I wasn't actually able to give anything to Jolito for Christmas. I was supposed to send money to World Vision for the noche buena of his family but certain instances hindered me from doing so. 


Jungsu, Jolito said Merry Christmas to you! ♥


  1. and now you're back!!! uwaaahhhh!!! i miss you ate!!! ;)

  2. naiyak ako di ko alam baket! hahahaha echusera lang talaga siguro ako at affected ako.
    welcome back Ate!!!!! kekekekeke :)))))

    1. hahahaha taena. anong problema mo XD nagmerry christmas lang naman anak namin ni jungsu XDDDDDDDDDD

      thanks jo! hahahaha :)

  3. you are finally backkk!!! <3333 the card looks pretty ate angel T_T <3333

    1. ikr! 3year-old kid, drawing this stuff? wala lang. :))


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