Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Kim Youngwoon!

생일 축아해용~!!! 

You're coming back home in a few months time and you know what? I realized how time flies. Last time I knew, I was crying in the restroom of my office because you were leaving. And now, my smiles are anticipating for your much-awaited comeback - from the army to the industry where you belong.

On your birthday, I only wish two things. First, I hope that as you get discharged to the real world, you will realize that just the same, the people who have vowed to protect you are still here. There is no need to fear about what lies ahead of you because as long as we believe in you, you will always have a place in the world. 

Second, I wish that the judgmental world we're in has matured already. What happened in the past will never be forgotten, but I hope that this world has finally understood that things could sometimes get out of hand, and idols are never gods to be always right.

Kang Bear, we have all waited for two years for the wonderful reunion that is bound to happen. On your birthday, be happy and be well.

I'll look forward to seeing you again on my screens. ♥

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