Sunday, November 7, 2010

It’s Not Just Because I Love Super Junior That’s Why I’m Here.

Yesterday was Super Junior’s 5th anniversary. And spending that special celebration with the people who share the same passion as mine is like one of the best things that ever happened in my life as a fangirl. It was so great to share that one special day with people who are celebrating the day, as well, for the very same reason.
And I am overwhelmed.
Honestly, I wasn’t able to sleep the night before the anniversary. I and Ate Yan were too busy doing the banner and preparing the balloons which we will be distributing during the KPOP Garage Sale. And though the banner was a COMPLETE FAIL, we made it possible to celebrate the anniversary here in Bulacan.
Then we headed to Eastwood City. There, the KPOP Garage Sale was being held. It was a sight to see because the place was jampacked with people who, I know, is not different from me. In that place, I felt really belonged.
We distributed the balloons and greeted everyone ‘Happy Anniversary’. Special day, it is. It’s overwhelming seeing others carrying the balloons we gave them. It’s overwhelming seeing others smile when we hand them one. It’s overwhelming seeing the place covered with blue.
It was overwhelming being there.
Then, I realized that November 6, 2010 wasn’t just special because it was the 5th anniversary of the boys. It was special because through that day, I was able to find my real purpose and discover who I really am.
The truth is I am not here anymore just because I love Super Junior. Because of what happened yesterday, I have actually found another reason to stay. I realized that another factor that makes me hold on to this despite the issues and expenses is the fact that I have friends here, real friends, who love me enough to make me stay.
It’s another miracle, and if not for Super Junior, I wouldn’t have experienced this.
Somehow, I do regret why I only do this now. From the first day that I indulged myself on this fandom, I never really thought that it would get as serious as this. But nevertheless, I’m thankful that I have succumbed to this. If not, I wouldn’t have understood that I am also entitled to be happy.
So allow me to mention a few names here…
Sarah, if it wasn’t for you, this blog would never exist. If it wasn’t for ICEPLUSCOFFEE, I wouldn’t have the motivation to pursue this interest. I told you that in this Sapphire Blue World, you are my favorite sister, and it never changes. You still are.  ♥
Pia and May, You’ve been so awesome that I can’t even find the right words to say just to express my deepest gratitude. You made it all happen for me since the very first time, and to that I’ll forever be thankful.
Lee, Danica, Joanna, Cybil, Rev, I know I have told you this but the chapter of my life wherein you entered my world is one of my favorite parts. You completed me, guys. The nightly spazzing, the random ideas, the exaggerated tears and laughter, the true love between sisters – you all made me experience those things. I wish I really could give back to you all the joy you’ve given me. But I… can never thank you enough.
Yuxing Unnie, I’ve gained so many international friends through this blog and the fanbase I’m holding. But you know what, only a few marked their territories on me. And I don’t know if  you’ll believe but you actually own the largest space in my heart. Maybe, there’s really this unbreakable connection between us; that despite not seeing each other yet, there’s this undeniable appeal of friendship.. of sisterhood.
I can never really express how thankful I am to have you. Meeting you and being loved by you was honestly one thing I never thought of.  You cared for me like a real sister and I am extremely overwhelmed by every message you send me.
Honestly, the idea of making international REAL friends is quite far-fetched for me. But it happened through you. Thank you, unnie. ♥
My WeLoveSJFamily, nothing has changed. You guys were my first spazzing partners and I know I did the right choice. :D Mookie and Xiatian, YOU GUYS MADE WONDER. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. ♥
Ate Yan, Ate Jowella, Ate Andrea, Ate Ems… Everything I did yesterday will never be possible if it wasn’t for the four of you. Above anyone else in Manila, it was you who made it happen. I couldn’t have done it alone. I couldn’t have enjoyed yesterday as much as I did if it wasn’t for you. Thank you. Thank you. Especially to you, Ate Yan. Thanks for staying awake with me.
And to my new found friend, Jhane of XCREW, I wasn’t lying when I said you and Jet are my biases. When I saw you crying after you won during the Kor-Phil Friendship Day, I felt the passion you have, not for Super Junior, but for dancing. I was a dancer myself and I saw myself in you. I may not have known you enough and yesterday might just be the first time we meet but I want you to know that I admire you. :)
And since you called me pretty, I love you na. :))
XCREW, thank you for doing this. That article you read will never be enough to compensate, and the more I talk to Jhane and realize how kind-hearted she is, the more I realize how fail I am with words to describe how proud I am of you.
The stalking thing, I don’t know if I can really do that. I’m too shy to even get close to you during events. LOL.
Whenever I think of these people, the smile is always there. I know that not everybody likes me and not everybody appreciates what I’m doing. But as long as I have these people, I will not stop and I will not let anybody hinder me from continuously finding my miracles.
Indeed, I owe Super Junior a lot, because if it really isn’t for them, I wouldn’t have known what LIFE is.

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